Great Glen

Group Leader

New Group leaders are always welcome.
Speak to the Groups Co-ordinator if you have idea for a new group or for a one off session, speak to "Learn something new" or email lsn .
Contact details at Committee

Group Leader Handbook
includes guidance agreed in February 2021 on

for copyright details see Copyright Licence Agency
Do ask if anything is unclear.

zoom logoWe have two professional licences for groups to use. These have 24 hours meeting time limit. Contact the webmaster if you want to use for a one-off or on a regular basis. Phone numbers are at Committee.
Set up zoom for your interest group. Why use zoom video, also takes you to other aids.
There are several TAT videos for establishing Zoom for your group. eg as a challenge look at Scottish Country Dancing

Resources and Advice
Use the links to find details of local resources to borrow and National Resources and specialist advice from Subject Advisors.

Web site
Group leaders interested in maintaining their own group page or adding items to the Event diary should ask the webmaster for a password. Details of what this could involve are to be found at Evesham Webpage editors.

Meeting Registers

  • Forms in the Church on the U3A notice board
  • Proforma downloaded from here Register
  • Created using your own spreadsheet, you might want to download Register Excel proforma

All completed registers must be sent to the Gift Aid Secretary. Send a copy of any spreadsheet to the Treasurer (who uses the dates declared to pay the room rents.) Details at Committee.

Refreshments at meetings
Refreshments If there is a shortage of supplies please contact the venue volunteer. Details at Committee.

Serving refreshments at Monthly Meetings
Serving will be suspended while covid restrictions are in place. Members will need to bring their own refreshments.

Groups are on a rota to serve refreshments at the monthly meeting. A team of four is needed. Groups should expect to help once every two years and arrive by 9.45 to set out the kitchen. Very small groups usually combine with another small group.

Most groups have minimal expenses. Refreshment expenses are claimed by the Room refreshment volunteers.
Groups who need new equipment or a start up grant should email a request to the Groups Coordinator or Treasurer, or if you prefer phone to discuss your needs.

To claim reimbursement use the U3A Expenses.pdf or Expenses (word format) form. Our preferred method is to pay by bank transfer.

Risk Assessments/checklist
The Third Age Trust has guidance and the Great Glen risk checklists based on this advice are:

Topic pdf check listword checklist
Remote working Outings checklist Outings checklist (word format).
Venues Venue checklist Venue checklist (word format)
Walking and Outdoor & Adventurous Activities Activities checklist Activities checklist (word format)

There is a personal checklist to be found on the Covid page.

If you need advice speak to the Groups Coordinator or Chairman. Details at Contact.

Committee Minutes
Recent Committee minutes are shown on Minutes of Trustee Meetings

Charity Commission registration
Great Glen Interests Group u3a is a registered charity and our number is 1099411.