This page provides links to pages and forms relating to the administration and operation of Edinburgh u3a.

Note: Additional Forms are available for download from the Group Leader and Committee Forms page.

Information for Members

  • Eu3a Constitution: Please click on the link to download a PDF copy of Eu3a's constitution.
  • u3a and Eu3a Data Protection Policies: u3a's and Eu3a's policies relating to the General Data Protection Regulations can be found on the Group Leader and Committee Forms page.
  • u3a Policy on Paid Tutors: The Third Age Trust encourages local u3as to adopt a policy of not engaging paid tutors to lead or teach groups. For further details and explanation, please click on the link provided.
  • Legal Helpline: As from Oct 2015, the Third Age Trust is able to offer legal advice to u3as and their members. TAT's Legal Helpline is available to members only who must register with (and/or log-in to) the Third Age Trust website. [Note: To access the Helpline page, it may be necessary to enter "legal helpline" into the Search box after logging into the site.]
  • u3a Safeguarding Policy: Should you feel you have a safeguarding issue, then you can report it to our Safeguarding Officer as listed on your Membership Card.


Edinburgh u3a AGM Papers


Edinburgh u3a Forms

Forms for use by Eu3a members. These are available here as downloadable PDF files. If you want to receive any of these forms in Word or Excel so that you can complete them electronically, please ask a Committee member to download one from the OneDrive and email it to you.

Application and Renewal

  • Membership Application: Please download and complete our Membership Application Form if you would like to apply to join Edinburgh u3a.
  • Renewal of Membership (not available for download): This is generally sent every year to all members either by email or by post if you do not have email.

Additional Forms are available for download from the Group Leader and Committee Forms page.