Many learning resources are available to assist U3A members and especially leaders and prospective leaders in setting up new groups and in expanding their groups’ learning activities. The following links offer some excellent learning resources that may be useful:

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Helping with Disabilities

U3APlus operates within the U3A umbrella, offering help, support and advice to regional U3A organisations to ensure that all their members can access the informal learning and the many activities in their U3As, regardless of impairment or disability.

Helping with Research

From time to time we get requests from researchers who are looking for older people as subjects to assist with their research. The current requests are listed below. If you are interested, please contact the researchers direct.

  • [Current as at May 2018] Edinburgh Napier University - Readers, Scribes and Invigilators: The University Inclusion and Well-Being Team are looking to recruit casual staff for scribe and reading duties during exams. If you are interested, email disability&inclusion@napier.ac.uk. They are not currently recruiting for invigilators, but you can join their waiting list by emailing exams@napier.ac.uk.
  • [Current as at May 2018] Call for Volunteeers to Aid Research: Alexa Morcom at Edinburgh University has honours students in Psychology who are seeking adults of 64-81 years for a short study involving listening to, and remembering, lists of words. A single session in George Square of under an hour is involved. No payment can be offered but tea is available. If you would like to help, please email Friederike Breuer on s1524242@sms.ed.ac.uk.
  • [Current as at 1 Mar 2018] A chance to earn some money and in the process assist the Heriot Watt University. Exam time is coming soon and they are hoping to recruit examination invigilators, scribers and readers on their payroll. The dates for training the invigilators is next week on the 6th and 8th of March at the HWU campus. Please contact Davinia Leslie (0131 451 3786) email: d.leslie@hw.ac.uk.

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