Group Leader and Committee Forms

Group Leaders' Forms

  • Group Proposal Form: For members proposing to run or share the running of a New Group. Submit for Committee approval after discussing with Group Coordinator.
  • Record of Interest in New Groups: For members to record interest in new groups at Open and other meetings.
  • List of Members: Available for Group Leaders to record the contact details of group members for their deputy in the event of group leaders becoming unavailable.
  • List of Members and Attendance: As above but allows for attendance dates to be recorded easily as suggested in Group Leaders’ handbook.
  • Income and Expenditure Statement: For all groups (if wished, but particularly those which have venue costs) for return to the Treasurer once a year.
  • Emergency Contact Details: for study groups and holidays.

Health and Safety

Group Leaders might like to make use of these Health and Safety Forms that are designed by the Third Age Trust for their protection and that of EU3A:

Committee Forms

  • Nomination Form: for nominating someone to the Committee.
  • Expenses: for items purchased for EU3A and agreed by Committee.