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Note: Up-coming EU3A events are listed on the Events page. This page provides news that may be of general interest.

[Posted 20 October 2019]: Help for Heroes: On Tuesday November 19th at Craiglockhart there is a launch event for an exhibition which shows how veterans and their families in Scotland have benefited from taking part in creative work. An exhibition of work will be on view and you can meet some of the artists. More information can be found here.

[Posted 20 October 2019]: Heriot-Watt University Memory Lab are still conducting several projects that require healthy older adults and would like to recruit through EU3A. The studies in question pose no risk and reimbursement is offered for travel expenses. Some studies involve the use of low and high density EEG to measure brain activity although the main project does not use EEG. Contact s.strickland@hw.ac.uk. 0131 451 8009

[Posted 10 October 2019]: Quiet Scotland tries to raise awareness of the problems caused by background music in public places (shops, restaurants but even in banks and medical waiting rooms) to those suffering from particular medical conditions such as high blood pressure; stroke victims; the autistic; hard of hearing; and sufferers from ME/CFS, tinnitus, brain injuries and misaphonia. It can also trigger migraines. Some people simply dislike being subjected to music not of their choice and can be very distressed by enforced listening. It is a particular problem for older people. There is no expense involved in joining, and members can be as active or inactive as they choose. Our website (http://quietscotland.org.uk) lists music-free eating and shopping places in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

[Posted 18 September 2019]: Kindle Create Expertise Sought: A member is creating an Ebook using Kindle Create and is looking for help in presenting Tables of Statistics within borders created in Word .docx. If you can help, please contact Mike Macdonald cathkinbarrow@yahoo.co.uk 629 9248.

[Posted 18 September 2019]: Argentinian Research: Last year two Argentinian ladies visited us and attended some of our groups to research how we worked and benefited older people. As part of their thesis they would like to do short interviews with a few of us via Skype. If you are interested in participating please email Valeria Portaluppi valeriaportaluppi@hotmail.com.

[Posted 30 July 2019]: LGBT Age is a project run by LGBT Health and Wellbeing for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people aged 50 and over in Greater Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Lothians. The project aims to promote health and wellbeing and create social opportunities.
A community discussion was held recently between different professionals who provide services for those people with dementia. The linked document goes over key findings and observations from all involved on how best to be inclusive. It may be valuable to older people who are also part of the LGBT community.
LGBT Health and Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TE. Helpline : 0300 123 2523

[Posted 24 July 2019]: Support Required for Research at Napier: Edinburgh Napier University are looking for physically active men aged 60-75 for an exercise research study. This will involve two sessions at the university for a fitness assessment and to gain information about the participant’s immune function. Contact Ciara Dickson 40163979@live.napier.ac.uk.

[Posted 19 Jun 2019]: Volunteers sought for Memory Research: Karim Rivera, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, is looking for participants over 65 years of age for a study about memory. If any members are interested in helping, please contact Karim at s1683132@sms.ed.ac.uk.

[Posted 10 Jun 2019] - Luminate Event held at Napier University, Craiglockhart Campus on 28th May with some of Edinburgh U3A groups showcasing their interests and talents: (photos copyright Geoff Gardner):

Jazz Singers Tapestry 1 Ukuleles Tapestry 2 Painting Recorder groups
Art Groups Chapel Audience Choir 1 Circle dancing Vegetable Art

[Posted Jun 2019] University of Edinburgh Department of Psychology has a volunteer panel which is open to adults of all ages. Volunteers register on our website and receive email invitations to take part in research studies. This typically involves completing a questionnaire or some tests of mental ability. Some studies are completed online and some in person at the Psychology building on George Square. Panel members can take part in studies on a wide range of topics, including language, memory, perception, personality and ageing processes. See https://volunteer.ppls.ed.ac.uk/.

The Clarion (Our Magazine)
For the Autumn edition of the Clarion, please take cameras or mobile phones when you are out and about in Edinburgh this summer and take pictures of “Hidden Edinburgh” to keep us guessing. Please send your best efforts to clarion@edinburghu3a.org.uk.

U3A in Scotland AGM
The National U3A organisation is holding their AGM on Tuesday 18th June in Stirling. They are appealing for volunteers to serve on their committee. They say this should not be an onerous task, would be fully supported,.and the experience could be of great value to the local U3A. For further information, contact the Chair, Kath Payne.

Gardening Volunteers Required
The Friends of Seaview Charity are looking for volunteers to work with a Therapeutic Gardener to maintain and develop their large garden in Bingham/Duddingston. It offers a space for children with disabilities and for staff of the attached respite unit. Exploratory visits can be arranged. Please email Christina Burnett or ring 07836561118.

Edinburgh Napier University are looking for volunteers aged 60-75 for a study into whether a minimal amount of resistance and balance training as well as vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of falls. This will involve two exercise sessions over a six week period at their Sighthill campus. Contact Hannah Lithgow at H.Lithgow@napier.ac.uk or 0131 455 5716

Heriot-Watt University Memory Lab are conducting several projects that require healthy older adults and would like to recruit through the EU3A. The studies in question pose no risk and we are able to offer reimbursement for travel expenses. Some of these studies do involve the use of Low and High density EEG to measure brain activity although the main project does not use EEG. Contact s.strickland@hw.ac.uk.

Celebrating World Circle Dance Day, Saturday 6th Jul 2019 - Kate Daly, leader of Circle Dancing 1 and Circle Dancing 2 groups, invites EU3A members to join in celebrating World Circle Dance Day at the Charteris Centre, 138-140 Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9RR on 6th July. Doors open 12.30pm with dancing from 1.00-4.00 pm, entry cost £7.00. Please contact Kate for further details - see Group Leaders Contact Details.