EU3A News

Note: Up-coming EU3A events are listed on the Events page. This page provides news that may be of general interest.

[Updated 5 July 2020]: Corona Virus consequences - because of the Covid-19 virus, a growing number are holding virtual "on-line" meetings or maintaining contact in other ways. See On-line Meetings page for details.

[Updated 28 May 2020]: Monthly Meetings, Visits, Lunch Club - All these are suspended until further notice. The six visits arranged for this spring and summer have been cancelled.
We are investigating the possibility of broadcasting our Monthly Meeting speakers via a Youtube channel or similar. Does any member have expertise in this? If so please contact Ann Keating vicechair@edinburghu3a.org.uk

[Posted 19 April 2020]: Desert Island Films - the Film Appreciation 4 group recently asked its members to list the eight films they would choose to have if stranded on a desert island. They have agreed to offer their choices to other U3A members in case it might provide some diversion during these weeks of incarceration. Please click on the link above to download the list of their 64 favourite films (in PDF format).