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Note: Up-coming EU3A events are listed on the Events page. This page provides news that may be of general interest.

16 December 2018: Secretaries in the 1970s: Sarah Shaw from Bridport U3A in Dorset would like to hear from people who worked as secretaries in the 1970 and might want to contribute reminiscences to a book she is writing on the topic. The web site https://secretariesofthe70s.blogspot.com provides more information and memory prompts which can be answered online or by Email.

16 December 2018: International Economics Group: If you are a regular reader of The Economist magazine, a U3A member in Toronto invites you to consider joining a videoconference study group being launched early in 2019 by third- age learners in Canada, Britain and the U.S. to discuss issues raised by articles in the magazine. For more information contact Bruce Cowan chair@edinburghu3a.org.uk.

24 November 2018: A final year student at Queen Margaret University is looking for volunteers who are 60+ for a research project on the effect that ageing has on swallowing. Contact Roisin Rooney

24 Oct 2018: "ACE IT" is a charity providing computer training for the over 50’s (see News entry for 7 Feb 2018). They will be holding their first fundraising Coffee Morning at 10:30am on Thursday 8 November at the Cornerstone Centre, St John’s Church, Princes Street EH2 4BJ [see attached flyer]. For further details about ACE, see www.aceit.org.uk.

29 Aug 2018: Napier University announces that they are working with a number of other bodies to erect a permanent memorial to Scottish poets from World War One in recognition of their bravery and sacrifice as well as the rich body of work they have left behind. The memorial will be unveiled in Makars’ Court, Edinburgh in November. - see the Napier website for further information. Attendance at the ceremony is by invitation only. Members of EU3A who have a special interest in attending should contact Gary Seath if they would like to apply for an invitation.

24 July 2018: A 2018-19 Film Programme is now available for download from Film Appreciation 5's webpage.

25 June 2018: Edinburgh Napier University – Research Project
Researchers are seeking volunteers for a project about what it is like to be a man currently supporting a partner/wife who has a cancer diagnosis. This would involve being interviewed at a time and place convenient for you. If interested contact Dr. Barbara Neades, 0131 455 5315 or b.neades@napier.ac.uk.

25 June 2018: Edinburgh Napier University - Readers, Scribes and Invigilators
The University Inclusion and Well-Being Team are looking to recruit casual staff for scribe and reading duties during exams. If you are interested, email disability&inclusion@napier.ac.uk
They are currently not recruiting for invigilators but you can join the waiting list by emailing exams@napier.ac.uk.

25 June 2018: Move On
Move On (http://moveon.org.uk) is an Edinburgh-based charity which has potential volunteer opportunities in a Befriending role, working with young people (16- 25) who have been in the care system or homeless and are now moving from visiting support to living independently. Contact Ashley Connolly ashley@moveon.org.uk.

30 May 2018: General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - U3A Central Office has updated its privacy policy in accordance with the new regulations - see https://u3a.org.uk/privacy-policy.

14 May 2018: General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - As most members will probably be aware by now, GDPR comes into force on 25th May. Edinburgh U3A has established its GDPR Policy which can be downloaded from the Group Leader and Committee Forms page along with its policy for Group Leaders and forms for the use of Group Leaders.

21 Apr 2018: Royal Edinburgh Hospital (Morningside) - The Verandah Café in REH was set up 40 years ago to serve patients, visitors and staff. It is the only quiet, sociable space in a large psychiatric hospital where patients can meet their friends. More volunteers are needed to serve teas, coffees and snacks. The café is open afternoons 2 – 4pm. If you can help, please contact Jean Pryde on 0131 447 1359.

5 Apr 2018: Dianne Savage - Members who knew her will have been saddened by the recent news of Dianne Savage's untimely death. She was one of Edinburgh U3A’s hardest working and best loved committee members. The eulogy to Dianne by her partner Val Cox and EU3A Chairman Bruce Cowan's Memories of Dianne as read at Dianne's funeral, can be downloaded by clicking on the links.

22 Mar 2018: Walking Netball: - Edinburgh Napier University will work with Edinburgh City Council and Netball Scotland to deliver a walking netball pilot project for women. The venue is Sighthill Engage, 09 Sighthill Court, Edinburgh, EH11 4BN. If interested contact g.seath@napier.ac.uk.

7 Feb 2018: "ACE IT" is a charity providing computer training for the over 50’s. We are currently looking to appoint new Trustees with a background in Commercial/Business, Information Technology, Finance or the Third Sector, to assist with the strategic development and growth of activities in the community across Edinburgh, promoting the quality of life for older people.
For further details see www.aceit.org.uk. Contact: jenny@aceit.org.uk.

16 Jan 2018: ZOO Memories: A request from Napier University with whom we are connected: We wish to invite members from the University of the Third Age to work with our BA Exhibition Design students to co-create a series of exhibition installations at Edinburgh Zoo, titled ‘Zoo Memories’. It is hoped that we can encourage U3A members to share their stories, memories and any artefacts relating to Edinburgh Zoo which students can document through a variety of presentation formats as a means to strengthen the institution’s cultural heritage status.

For further details see Zoo Memories page. Contact G.Seath@napier.ac.uk.

7 January 2018 - Moose in the Hoose – Helping Older People Communicate
This project run by ACE IT in Edinburgh uses volunteers to help people living in care homes keep in touch with friends and family by using email and Skype. For more details contact Terry Blair terry@aceit.org.uk 477 3883.

7 January 2018 - Shaw Trust
This national charity is looking for people who can run informal activities based on their hobbies, interests or pastimes for unemployed people. Taking up an activity ( e.g. a book, film or walking group, poetry, yoga, healthy eating, photography or art sessions) allows their clients the chance to develop new skills, meet new people and improve their confidence. More at https://shar.es/1TYEaK.

5 January 2018 - January 2018 edition of the U3A Scotland Newsletter has just been released and can be downloaded using the above link.

16 November 2017 - Can a new activity help our thinking skills as we age? Research has suggested that engaging in an activity, especially one we've never done before, might help maintain our thinking and memory skills. A team at Heriot-Watt University are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping them explore how and why that might happen. If you're aged 65 or over and live in the Edinburgh or Lothians, the team would like to hear from you. You can email HealthyAgeing@hw.ac.uk or call 0131 451 8009 to hear more.

16 November 2017 - The Mercators
This, one of Edinburgh's oldest amateur theatre groups welcomes new members. We are a small, friendly and informal group who usually meet on Monday evenings. Our productions are small scale – short plays for festivals and rehearsed readings. If you’re interested, view our web site or contact alanrichardson@clara.co.uk 0131 313 5040.

21 October 2017 - The SPRINGWELL GOLDEN VOICES CHOIR are looking for SOPRANOS as well as other singers to join a happy choir which meets every Thursday from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm in St Michael's Church Hall, Slateford Rd, EH11 1NX. Members are 55 years old and upwards. We sing all types of music - show songs, Scottish, light classics, international, chorale and much more - with the occasional concert to care homes, church groups and other organisations. Do come along and have a taster session. www.springwellgoldenvoices.org.uk

26 Sep 2017 - 3 Jan 2017 - the Morningside Justice & Peace organisation has released its Autumn 2017 talks programme which can be accessed through the above link. The organisation hosts talks on a wide variety of subjects Wednesday mornings during autumn and spring at the Open Door, 420 Morningside Road. Their meetings are open to all and consist of a short talk on a topic of national, international or local interest followed by questions and discussion.

20 Sep 2017 - Those who attended the Open Meeting this month were treated to a wonderful musical performance by two young players from "Live Music Now". "Live Music Now" is a charitable organisation that was set up by Yehudi Menuhin in the 1970s, and offers opportunities for young musicians to develop their talent by, amongst other things, gaining experience of performing before audiences. They welcome opportunities for giving live performances, so any U3A groups or members seeking musical accompaniment to meetings or events are encouraged to contact Live Music Now.

25 July 2017 - Edinburgh University Research
Masters students in psychology are seeking adults between the ages of 65 and 77 years old for a project involving tests and electrodes on the head. Two sessions in George Square are involved, with a payment of £15. Contact Maxime Kraus memory4words@gmail.com if interested.

25 July 2017 - Edinburgh Napier University Research
The University School of Health and Social Care, in conjunction with the International Longevity Centre - UK, are looking for people over 60 to join a pool of volunteers for various research projects. Email your name, address and phone to Dr Angela Kydd a.kydd@napier.ac.uk or ring 0131 455 3423.

25 July 2017 - Learn Together Scotland
Looking for volunteers over 50 to be based in local primary schools to support children with literacy, numeracy, outdoor play and even forest school. Jen Finnimore 622 7766

7 Jul 2017 - A memorandum of understanding was signed in April between Edinburgh U3A and Edinburgh Napier university. The memorandum commits both sides to work for the benefit of the other. Members of Edinburgh U3A will provide qualified experience, wisdom and help with Napier students, both from mentoring and other requests from Napier concerning student welfare. Edinburgh Napier University will in turn provide expert advice and help when requested for Edinburgh U3A learning and course construction. Access to Library and other facilities may be made available by agreement.

31 Mar 2017 - Call for Volunteers to join the Committee: Committee members are limited to serving no more than two three year terms, so there is an ongoing need for members to volunteer their services. Members who might be interested in joining the Committee are encouraged to click on the link to obtain further information about what's involved.

Dianne Savage has created a 25th Anniversary Newsletter containing several photos and summaries of the event. A selection of photos taken at the event by Eric Watt and Stewart Roberts is also presented below:

Welcome Jazz Dancers Group Discussion Lunchtime Group Leaders Singalong

5 Oct 2016: Edinbugh U3A has the largest membership of any U3As in Scotland and the third largest in the UK; our membership is now approaching 1800 and we offer over 160 activity groups for members to engage with. Whilst many groups are fully subscribed, many are not. Members interested in widening their knowledge or skills are encouraged to keep an eye on the Group Vacancies page of this website.