Clarion - Call for Articles

The Clarion: Call for articles – Autumn 2017 edition

The next edition of our Clarion magazine will appear at the beginning of October. Please submit any articles - particularly on "Out and About" - by 14th August to clarion@edinburghu3a.org.uk.


Guidance to Contributors

The editorial team encourages members who have never written or submitted articles before to do so and are willing to help such members if they would like to contribute.

Articles should be about 200-225 words (half A5 page) or 400-450 (A5 page). Articles should ideally be produced in Microsoft Word or as a plain text file. If you use a free compatible program such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice, please use ‘save as’ and pick the ‘Word’ or ‘text’ option as the file type.

Submissions should be emailed to the above address.