There are several different types of events covered here.
Every month except for August we hold an OPEN MEETING, this is held on the 3rd Monday of the month in the Jubilee Hall, Wellow Road, Ollerton. Doors open at 1pm and people can find out what is going on from group leaders and a display of forthcoming events.
The format of the Open Meeting is for an 'entertainment' first followed by tea or coffee with biscuits and general U3A notices. The entertainment is usually an outside speaker presenting a matter of interest to the U3A members.
A list of planned speakers is included here.
A second type of event covered here is for social events which are open to all U3A members and organised by the social group committee.
Other events advertised here are GROUP related, for example information about a specific group which is useful to bring to everyone's attention.

Dates for your Diary
Mon Jul 20th

Graham KealTerry Wogan's Hair Weave and Other Stories,****On hold/cancelled for now pending further government advice****

Ex-showbiz journalist Graham Keal interviewed literally thousands of celebrities in 35 years of TV columns and interviews, Terry Wogan included. He has entertained scores of Ladies’ Luncheon Clubs, Rotary Charter nights, WI gatherings, U3As and professional groups with Oprah Winfrey Touched My Elbow, his collection of amusing anecdotes selected from his countless celebrity encounters as a freelance roving reporter.

Now Graham has compiled a sequel packed with fresh and funny stories featuring celebrity interviewees ranging from Terry himself to Ernie Wise or the stars of Corrie and Crossroads. He has written for every kind of publication from popular TV magazines such as TV Choice and TV Times to The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Express, plus many other national and regional newspapers and woman’s magazines including My Weekly and Best.

So just why did Graham think he was being propositioned by the manager of the Crossroads Motel? What was the secret he discovered after his second significant encounter with Pat Phoenix? Was Ernie Wise as funny as Eric Morecambe in real life? Was Wogan’s hair ever truly alive? Come and listen to Graham to find out.

Mon Sep 21st

Sandy LeongWhat’s in a Name? – The Origins & Meanings of Surnames ****On hold/cancelled for now pending further government advice****

Your surname links your family across generations and each has a story to tell. It may tell you where your forbears originated from, what their work was or social status or even if they had a distinguishing feature. It was the Normans who insisted we had one and Henry VIII who insisted the fathers surname went on a child’s birth certificate. We use them every day, take them for granted and yet they are one of our most personal and interesting possessions.

Mon Oct 19th

John WhitfieldThe 1970's were they so bad? ****On hold/cancelled for now pending further government advice****

John's 1970s talk contains lots of current affairs, Heath,Wilson,Callaghan, Thatcher, 3-day week, power cuts, strikes, Winter of Discontent,decline of manufacturing, Also what we were buying,watching,listening to,and wearing. Sport, social attitudes, Ireland,Europe, changes in women's roles, and lastly, were the 70s as bad as the history and politics books make out!

Mon Nov 16th

Paul StaffordNorth Korea,****On hold/cancelled for now pending further government advice****,Come and find out about that most elusive of countries
Fri Aug 7th
→Sun Aug 9th

----- KYNREN – AN EPIC TALE OF ENGLAND Cancelled for this year but check out Looking Ahead PDF
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