Message from the Chair

“Tis the season to be merry ………..”

But it’s not always easy to keep smiling, with personal circumstances and external forces challenging our resilience………. but we must keep strong and reflect on the positive aspects of our lives.

The weather in spring, summer and autumn has enabled many members to have wonderful walks through the countryside, with more time to enjoy our local environment, it’s plants, animals and birds. What a beautiful county we live in!

Some members have caught up with technology, which has provided links with friends and family. Video links, on Zoom, WhatsApp and other service providers, can connect us in a special way and reduce feelings of isolation. I have just attended my first Zoom Christmas Concert – it was so well produced and organised, it was pure joy!

Dukeries u3a is poised and ready to go as soon as restrictions are lifted. 106 people have become members during lockdown, which has warmed our hearts. We are a small u3a group compared to others, but this enables us to develop friendships with many people and have fun in a supportive environment. Thank you to activity leaders who have been able to adapt and provide interesting things to do. For some people, Du3a is a lifeline, so your input is very much appreciated.

Du3a has received praise for its outstanding newsletter, Zoom activities and for simply being pro-active. Our Committee has started to climb a steep learning curve and the support we have received from so many of you, is very much appreciated. We are human, (yes we can make mistakes), we are volunteers (who willingly give our time) and as long as we have members who enjoy what Dukeries u3a stands for, we will continue to do what we can for our social group, which has a special place in many of our hearts.

Whilst on the subject of members, we are saying a farewell to Terry Woolnough, who is moving out of the area, to live near his family. Terry, we thank you for all that you, and your late wife Carrie, have done for Dukeries u3a over the years and we are awarding you an Honorary Life Membership and our ever-lasting friendship, as we very much want you to keep in touch with us!

So, bring on 2021!!

From January, we are starting our Monthly Members’ Meeting on Zoom, and we are booking guest speakers, so please join us. Mark the third Monday in each month, in your new diaries for 2021.
Finally. Thank you to each member of our Committee for giving your time, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. Without a Committee, there would be no Dukeries u3a.
Best wishes to all our members– may you have good health and happiness in 2021.

Keep in touch with each other and keep laughing, living and learning Leslye x