Message from the Chair

It was wonderful to see so many members at our meeting on 21st February, and I hope we can now start operating Du3a to the full. Hooray!
Thank you so much for your actions to renew your memberships. We are a small u3a and we don’t have facilities to take debit/credit cards at meetings (yet!).
For now
We appreciate those of you who have enrolled online through the website or from the email sent by John Harris. Thank you to those who have printed the forms, completed them and returned them at the meeting or by post.
Not all of us are able to operate online, and that is ok! If you are not able to use the Internet, there are still application forms at meetings, and you can pay by cash (correct money please) or cheque.
We value all members, and we hope we have a payment method to suit your needs.
Your new membership cards will be available for collection on Monday 21 March.
Our social events continue with our Race Night on Friday 4th March, hosted by Stefan and Karen. After which, we have 30th Birthday Celebrations, Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations and u3a 40th Anniversary celebrations to look forward to.

Our newsletter will keep you up to date with all the information, and we hope you can read this online. I always take a couple of days to dip in and out of the newsletter, as it is so interesting. We do deliver a few copies to those of you who do not have the
Internet. Please send your news and photos to us!
I have also made time to improve my own digital skills and have started to listen to podcasts and look at tutorials which are linked to u3a National newsletters. On a recent sleepless night, I watched Steph McGovern and her father do a tutorial on water colour painting. I really enjoyed it, and it also relaxed my brain to get to sleep!!!
As Chair, my current responsibility, is to ensure we comply with requirements for running Dukeries u3a. Our u3a is friendly, inclusive and we all do what we can to contribute to its success. So in the next couple of months we will be encouraging anyone who would enjoy offering a skill or talent to step forward, so that we can build up our teams in order to provide special interest groups, outings, and social events. I have enjoyed doing this over the past five years and have made wonderful friends as a result.
I will be visiting my daughter in Miami at the end of March, and I am sure you can imagine how much I am looking forward to this I hope you also have some interesting events to look forward to.
Wishing you a happy and healthy March 2022
Leslye x