Message from the Chair

APRIL 2020

Well, greetings to you all, from my conservatory.... which beats sitting in a room at The Hop Pole, which is where I would be right now, if it was open your committee members were able to meet. (Apparently some U3A groups are doing their Committee Meetings by email, but what on earth they're discussing....... who knows?)

I have been kept sane over these past few weeks through contact with many of you, so thanks for that. And John Harris has done a STERLING job of compiling the "Staying Connected" booklet and passing on messages and information, so I thank him warmly for that, on behalf of the rest of the committee and all of our members.

There hasn't been any U3A business for the committee to discuss as we've been nowhere, seen no-one, spent nothing, been socially responsible by being totally anti -social, been to no groups or clubs or outings, had no new members (and hopefully not lost any either), so our meeting would have been very short.

I do think though, that once we are through this and hopefully all out the other side unscathed, we should organise a cracking VC Party! (I'm sure you won't need me to explain the acronym.)

It looks like the lock-down is set to continue for some time, so do keep the stories, articles, jokes etc coming in. I hope these “newsletters” are of help to many members, especially those living alone. We need to do whatever we can to stay healthy in mind and body, so all suggestions and support to do so is helpful… If it’s not your “cup of tes” it could well be someone else’s…. (Hope that made sense?)
My good wishes go out to ALL of our membership, and it just remains to say: stay safe all, and try to stay sane too, and if anyone out there needs help with anything, do get in touch.

Much love to all

Sheila. XX