Message from the Chair

October Newsletter
Hello again to all of you,
As I write this month’s greeting from the Chair, I am sitting in glorious sunshine, although for the past few days we’ve had so much rain that I thought it was going to carry on until next spring! I hope you were all safely tucked up indoors during the worst of the recent deluges, and that the weather didn’t spoil any family occasions for you. (At least the gardens will have been treated to some much needed refreshment!) I always feel that it’s good to see the sun though, so I’m making the most of it, whilst the lawn is getting possibly its last cutting of 2019?
I hope that those of you who were at the September meeting enjoyed hearing about the big cats, and were not unhappy about the new “running order” of the meeting. I thought it worked well, as did many others who were present. Please feel free to express your opinions and any concerns you have about it. We expect to keep to the new format at least until Christmas, so remember that the “speaker” or “entertainment” will be on first, and the U3A business will take place after the tea break.
Those who know me better will be well aware that I don’t like to be sexist or non-egalitarian, so I am a bit uncomfortable about raising this next issue, but some of the committee members have raised concerns about the fact that, as we only have one male committee member at the moment, the setting out of the room for meetings is done mainly by those of us with a bit less muscle. Therefore, I have been tasked with asking for able-bodied and strong volunteers to come along a bit earlier on meeting days to help to move a few tables, set up the projector etc. (Obviously, they could be either men or women though, Marie!)
There, that’s out of the way now……
I know I thanked her at our last meeting, but I’d like to take this opportunity to say another big “thank-you” to Nora Limb for her years of “card sending” as our welfare officer. It is important to know, if members are experiencing difficult times, other people are thinking about them, so please continue to let us know if there are members out there who are ill or suffering in any other way…. After all, the U3A is meant to be founded on friendship and care for each other, as well as promoting learning and fun, so we need to be kind and considerate to those who need a bit of extra support.
And on that note, I’ll finish for this month with my usual reminder that this is YOUR U3A, so please keep enjoying the groups that you attend, enjoying the friends that you make, and caring for each other.
Best Wishes
Sheila x