Message from the Chair

Hello again to all Dukeries Third Age group members.
I can’t believe it’s that time again. Another “Letter from the Chair” and opportunity for me to let
you know about what’s happening this month, and some changes we’re considering for the future.
Firstly, we’ve had our first meeting of the new committee and I’d like to again thank both old (not
necessarily physically old, of course!) members and new. Without these volunteers our U3A
couldn’t run. We managed to the fill the necessary posts, and I’m pleased to welcome Leslye
Henstock as the new Vice Chair. She will be a valuable deputy, and I’m sure she’ll keep me on my
toes. Margaret Titmuss has taken over the refreshment role so ably fulfilled by Doreen previously,
and our other new committee member, Ann Street, has agreed to take on responsibility for future
Speaker finding, and sorting out the Meeters and Greeters rota. I’m sure you will get to know all of
these people over the coming months, and will feel free to offer any advice or suggestions for
improvements or changes.
I must here thank David Morris for all his work in finding speakers for each of our monthly meetings
over the past years, including leaving us with a complete list until next April’s AGM. I’m sure you’ll
join me in an official thank you to David for finding such a varied and interesting set of people to
come in and talk to us.
One thing the new committee has decided to try is having the Speaker on at the beginning of our
meeting, so that those who need to leave early to fulfil other commitments will not miss out on
hearing from our visiting presenters. Therefore, at September’s meeting, the Speaker’s presentation
will start at 1.30 then at around 2.30 we’ll have refreshments, which will give people a chance to ask
any extra questions, chat to friends and meet new members. After a break the chair and group
leaders will be invited to tell everyone about events that are happening, and once again, have a chat
with people they perhaps only catch up with once a month.
Hopefully this change of timings will allow more members to hear the Speakers, and a bit more time
for all of us to mingle and enjoy each other’s company…… as well as meaning that there are more
folks around at the end of the afternoon to help to put chairs away and clear up the room.
One last thing: the cream tea on June 7 th was delicious. Scones with jam and cream at every
meeting would be fabulous. (Though not for my waistline!) Thanks to all who helped with that.
As always, keep learning and enjoying life.
Best Wishes