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In 2019 the South East Forum committee was pleased to offer our main regular events of a one-day conference in the Meridian Hall, East Grinstead on Wednesday 3 April and a summer school at the University of Chichester from Monday 24 June to Thursday 27 June. Both the conference and summer school were very successful. A short account of the innovative Falconry Course presented in 2019 with some photographs is shown below.

South East Forum Summer School 2020 & 2021 - Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Outbreak
The South East Forum Summer School was planned to be held at the University of Chichester from Monday 15 to Thursday 18 June 2020. Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak and our concern for members' health and in the light of government announcements the summer school was cancelled. All students and tutors were informed and all deposits were refunded in full. The organising committee were very sad that they have had to disappoint our members but messages received indicate that members understood the need and welcomed such a decision in the circumstances.

Update in November 2020 - We are very sorry to say that we will not be running a Summer School at the University of Chichester in June 2021. We have consulted the people who had booked for 2020 and ascertained their views. As the social side of the event is key, we would not want to run virtual courses on Zoom. With the current uncertainty about Covid-19 and the restrictions imposed we cannot, with hand on heart, assure the safety of attendees even if we attempted to social distance everyone. The vast majority of our audience and tutors are over sixty five so we feel they would be very wary of attending. We do however plan to run the Summer School again in 2022 and have made a booking with the University of Chichester starting on Monday 20 June 2022. So put the date in your diary and we will plan to meet you for a celebration of being able to run our event once again. The Summer School Organisers

Falconry Course at Summer School in 2019
I recently had my first experience of a Summer School at Chichester University. My course choice was Falconry and I was certainly not disappointed. Our group of sixteen were fortunate to have Dawn Simpson as our excellent tutor over the four days. Firstly we listened avidly to Dawn’s experiences in handling and training falcons and hawks. She introduced us to Anukis, her Saker falcon who sat peacefully on her perch next to Dawn during our classroom-based sessions. Anukis was the main bird to be flown for our practical sessions outdoors and is shown in the photograph on the right. Progressing from the fascinating history of falconry to breeding them in the UK, we were shown images of different types of falcons and hawks with discussion about the characteristics of each, a video about the breeding of them and also one showing how hawks are used in Saudia Arabia. Dawn taught us the differences between falcons and hawks – something that had mystified most of us. She was very approachable and as she imparted her vast knowledge upon us during the theory sessions, we were able to ask questions, which were answered with enthusiasm and great examples. Our first practical session involved handling Anukis and getting her to fly from one to another at the back of the classroom. Anukis wasn’t keen on this so we moved outside where we had more success. For two sessions Dawn’s partner brought one of their Harris hawks in for us to handle and fly outside. Both birds were easy to handle but became bored with flying back and forth, even though their crops (the crop is a bird’s stomach) were empty of food to start with. However, we had plenty of handling time with both stunning birds which gave plenty of photographic opportunities. Throughout the course Dawn introduced us to many falconry terms, most of which we remembered. The course ended with an interesting Q&A session and Dawn giving us some handouts on topics covered, together with a list of extra resources to investigate – books to read, shows to see, places to visit and You Tube examples to watch. She certainly instilled a keenness in all of us to find out more about falconry opportunities. A great time was had by all. Thank you Dawn. Pauline McKenzie, Crawley U3A

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