Be assured once given the go ahead we will give ample notice on this site. However being realistic and given the number of members that come under the At Risk category we are unlikely to be able to meet until much later in the year and that is being optimistic.



Charity no. 1150779

You are hopefully receiving this newsletter via your group leader who have been asked to forward it onto you. Indeed you may well receive more than one copy, if you are members of several groups. If you know of a member of Cheshunt U3A who does not belong to an activity group could you please share this email with them?

The information in this news letter will be posted on our website and in future we will aim to display month updates.

This is an update on how your committee have been attempting to keep the wheels on the track ready for when we can recommence our Cheshunt U3A activities,

You will all recall our last main meeting was in February and we had no idea what was to come. Hopefully you have managed to keep safe along with your family and friends.

The challenge that now faces us, how do we get back to some kind of routine? Some will want to get back as soon as possible others understandably will want to take a far more cautious approach. Whatever we do it will be with strict adherence to the Government Policy at the time. Although I am sure, like us, Government Policy can be quite baffling at times!

There appears to be no sign yet that the Laura Trott centre is going to reopen, and even when it does, will we be allowed or even want to start having main monthly meetings? Hopefully group activities will lead the way.

Some outdoor activities have already started. First off the line was cycling where 'thinking outside the box', they have seven different groups meeting at five different locations with a maximum six people in each group. The walking group quickly followed again getting into groups of six and setting off at intervals. Walking football are also off the mark with none contact training sessions. Discussions have started with the school where the Badminton and Table Tennis group meet with an anticipated start date for September.

Hopefully more outdoor activities will be able to get going, and perhaps some indoor ones might be able to work outdoor. Goodness knows how long it will be before we can congregate inside.

We have continued to have committee meetings throughout lockdown using the infamous Zoom video conferencing and Steve Gollop our Chairman will lay out below new arrangements we want to instigate once we are able to get back to something like normality!

Chairman Update

It has now been over three months since we closed down all activities in Cheshunt U3A. During that time I know that members have been keeping in touch with each other by organising contact groups, sending out quizzes, posting photos on our website and generally helping out those who are less able. Thanks to all for showing the spirit of friendship that defines our U3A.

As a result of changes to the government lockdown restrictions, a few of our outdoor activities have, by applying safety measures, begun to start running again. We hope that further relaxation of the rules will help other groups consider what could be done and this will gather momentum. Obviously each person has to make their own decision whether they wish to participate in these activities, but we will provide support and advice to any group or group leader looking to reopen. What is of importance is that all members feel safe as we get back to enjoying the fun and social contact we have been missing.

At present we have no idea when we can return to holding the monthly meetings that so many of you attend, so we have decided to extend this years membership. The current year was due to end on 31st October 2020 but now the new membership year will not start until 1st April 2021 and run to 31st March 2022. Also we are proposing to move the AGM from January 2021 to March 2021, subject to us being able to hold large meetings by then.

Over the last few months the committee has been reviewing a computerised membership system named Beacon and have decided to set it up. Barry and Janet Wallace, our membership secretaries, having been working with a Beacon representative and we aim to have this in place before the end of the year. We hope that this will make the membership renewal process easier for all as well as providing group leaders with access to membership information for their own group.

Also we will be looking at the take up of the Third Age Matters magazine that many of you receive. We would be interested in hearing your views on the content and value of this publication. If you have any strong views one way or the other please let anyone on the committee know what they are.

Finally, although I am sure you have not missed me on the stage droning on at the monthly meetings, I have missed seeing all your friendly faces and am really looking forward to us all getting together again. Please stay safe and well. Hope to see you soon.

Steve Gollop



"We have been advised that the Spotlight will not open, if at all, until April 2021. There is no other suitable venue for both us & Lea Valley U3A to hold our meetings in the future, once we can meet.

We would urge you to sign onto the following petition .

In addition it would be beneficial to lobby your local MP/Councillor, preferably by letter or email.

Also ask your friends, family, neighbours, and members who are not on email to do the same. We have heard so many rumours over the past 18 months about Spotlight losing money and closing down that this will become a reality if we do not act as a united front now.

Thank You,

Broxbourne U3A Committee."


Hertfordshire residents encouraged not to delay getting a coronavirus test

Hertfordshire residents with symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19 are being encouraged not to delay getting a test for the virus.
Booking a test is quick and easy. The booking site will show the testing centres available for the next day and you should have your test done as soon as possible after your symptoms first develop. Coronavirus symptoms are a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; or a loss or change to someone’s sense of smell or taste.

Drive through testing sites are now operational for everyone living or working in Hertfordshire – with testing centres on various days in the week in in Hertford, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City. People who don’t have access to a car or are too ill to drive can order a test kit to be posted to their home.

For anyone who needs additional help to book a test, or who doesn’t have access to the internet, a telephone call centre is available – phone 119 between 7am and 11pm or 18001 0300 303 2713 if you have hearing or speech difficulties.

The call centre can also answer enquiries about the testing process and what to do once you have your result, or chase up any delayed results.
The drive-through testing facility at Tesco Headquarters in Shire Park in Welwyn Garden City opened last week and is open every day from 8am to 8pm. It has been carrying out an average of 210 tests every day. Here, people can test themselves with the swabs provided or have a swab test carried out by a trained professional. The test involves taking a swab of the nose and the back of the throat.

Please bring your mobile phone with you when you come to a testing centre. If you have booked a test at Watford, please note that you may need to pay for parking as you wait.

Download Associated Documents
Documents accompanying this message are linked below. Click to download and open a file which use the popular PDF format. If you experience problems downloading or viewing a file please visit this help page.

Huge increase in coronavirus tests



With all the restrictions currently in place why not sign up for the U3A Monthly Newsletter. Just click on the following link



Oooops a couple of errors, well nobody's perfect - QUIZ 5 Musicals

Question 12 Should have been
I got rhythm from American in Paris

Quiz 13 Football Grounds

Question 20 Should have been

Ewood Park Blackburn Rovers

(Elland Road is Leeds United)

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My thanks to Judith Peel for supplying this little Quiz teaser on London tube, DLR and Tfl stations. Just click on Quarantine Quiz Answers next Saturday 25th April.
Quarantine Quiz answers Hope you got them all right

Run out of puzzles to do then contact my wife Jean Harris on 01992 429297. She has a load you can borrow.




vann1 vann2 vann3 vann4 vann5 vann6 vann7 vann8 vann9





Let’s . . . .

Let’s Check out the Phone to see Who’s Home
Let’s Ride up Toot Hill and Have us a Thrill
Let’s Dress for a Hike or Ride on a Bike
Let’s Raise a Smile as we Walk a Mile

Let’s Look at Rainbows in Hundreds of Windows
Let’s Search in the Zones and Find the Stones
Let’s Venture Outdoors to Clap our Applause
Let’s Find a Bear when we Roam out There

Let’s Dig out my Racquet that Shuttle I’ll Smack It
Let’s Stop being Restless and go Get some Fitness
Let’s Try to be Cool now we’re Not in School
Let’s Dig up Weeds and Plant those Seeds

Let’s Have a Yarn when we Meet at the Barn
Let’s Thank the Kind Helping those in a Bind
Let’s Brighten the Mood Deliver some Food
Let’s Paint the Fence and be Less Tense

Let’s Build a robot from Card it Won’t be that Hard
Let’s Take off our Coat and help Paint the Boat
Let’s Solve the Mystery of my Family History
Let’s Run with the Dog while Out for a Jog

Let’s Watch on the Path as a Bird has a Bath
Let’s Jump and Dance if we Have the Chance
Let’s Write a Rhyme now we Have the Time
Let’s Try to be Sane when Out in the Rain

Let’s Check out the Phone to see Who’s Home

Oh - Everyone’s Home Who shall I Phone. . . .

A poem by Vanessa Lucas 05.05.2020



Third Age Trust CEO Sam Mauger and Chair Ian McCannah said,
“Thank you to all U3As for your support and advice over this changing period of time. In line with the government communications strategy, the Third Age Trust will be putting out regular bulletins on our website and regular mailings to U3A committees.

We continue to follow the government and NHS advice on coronavirus. As of 16th March, that advice has changed.

The advice is that from now on everyone should stop non-essential contact with others and adopt social distancing. People in ‘at risk groups’ are to be shielded from social contact for 12 weeks. People who should take particular care to minimise social contact are, among others, people over the age of 70.

Many U3As have asked us whether to postpone their monthly meetings and Interest Groups. Our advice is to follow the government guidance which is now asking the population to avoid unnecessary contact. The Trust has taken the step of postponing its large events and meetings.

U3A committees and individual members are coming up with really creative ways to keep in touch with each other and stay connected. We will be sharing all these ideas, and will continue to do so, in the coming days and weeks.

We intend to issue regular bulletins – so please keep checking the website. We will put out regular mailings to committees. We will also keep in touch through the national newsletter and newsletter express, where appropriate.

We would encourage all your U3A colleagues and members to sign up directly to the national newsletter. The national newsletter will allow us to disseminate advice and information quickly to all U3A members.

U3A is an amazing community and we want to encourage members to share their creativity and ideas with us to help support each other over the coming months, and in particular those who will be facing increased isolation and loneliness."


As a group Leader running Bolivia, Rummikub, Music in the Afternoon and Musicians United I have decided to cancel ALL my groups for March and April. All the above activities are run in the close confines of St. Clements Church Hall so the guidelines from Government would be breached. I am not prepared to take that risk for my members who all come under the ‘AT RISK GROUP’.

Each Group Leader needs to make their own decision on this and they may well have factors such as outside activity or no direct contact with other members that considerably reduces the risk.

Good luck to you all and I hope despite the Governments information that this is a short break for my groups.



Membership Form for 2019/20 Now in pdf format

New Membership Form with Data Protection
Committee Meeting Minutes

Monthly Programme - Download here!

Cheshunt Constitution

Data Protection Form


Membership Renewal 2019-2020

As the Cheshunt membership year ended on the 31st of October 2019, renewal forms for the year 2019-2020 are available from the registration desk.
This years renewal forms are available for joint membership per household and we only require your name and membership number and method of payment.They will also be available from the Cheshunt U3A website. The fee has been kept again at £12.

This year we have the U3A account numbers on the form so you can pay by standing order, bank transfer, as well as cheque or cash. Completed forms can be left in a box provided at the Membership Secretary’s table. Renewals can be done at the meeting , either collect at meeting or if you have enclosed a stamped addressed envelope your new card will be sent to you.

For those that are current members Membership Form for 2019/20

New members need to complete the New Membership Form with Data Protection



We have been advised by U3A National Office that to comply with Charity Commission requirements we need to remove the following sentence from Section 3 of our constitution.
This advancement should also contribute to improving the conditions of life for the above persons in the interest of their social welfare.
To meet this requirement we are giving notice that at the next meeting on 22nd August 2019 we will be seeking agreement from the membership to change Section 3 to read
Within Cheshunt and its surrounding locality, the advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work by all means, including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.
If anyone needs any further information regarding this please contact the Chairman on 01992 629209.


Cheshunt U3A Privacy Policy

Cheshunt U3A treats your privacy rights seriously. Our privacy policy sets out how we will deal with your ‘personal information’, that is, information that could identify, or is related to the identity of, an individual. Click on the following link Cheshunt U3A Privacy Policy to read the full document.

We have also updated our Constitution, that link is as follows Cheshunt Constitution



We are hoping to set up a ZUMBA GOLD group - low impact, easy dance moves to music, suitable for all levels. Day and venue to be decided. Please register your interest at the Information Table at the main meeting, or call Lesley on 01992 445938, email COVID-19 - Suspended


WALKING NETBALL Update Jacqui Fry: 07745 264787

We started the first fun packed session at the end of October and have not looked back. We are now fully operational playing on a full netball court in the Laura Trott Centre, on Wednesdays between 2:00 and 3:00. Most ladies have not played netball for over 50 years and some have never played. We are fortunate to have a lovely coach from the ‘All England Netball Association’ who gives us instruction, easy exercise warm ups and downs and makes the whole session really enjoyable.
At the beginning of December we entered for fun ‘Wiggle and a Giggle’ team to play at the Sports Village in Hatfield. Six members went along in Christmas attire to compete with other like minded players, from Hertfordshire. We came sixth and won most inspiring team, what a start after only 7 weeks. Congratulations ‘Cheshunt All-stars’
Netball begins again after Christmas on Wednesday 8th January 2020, Sessions are £3.00, just come along
COVID-19 - Suspended



This is not a first aid course.
For 22yrs I served on front line Ambulance work for, initially, the Hertfordshire Ambulance Service which eventually become the East of England Ambulance and Paramedic Service. I served as a Paramedic for 17 yrs dealing with whatever medical emergencies came my way, from Maternities to Death and resuscitation. I have already done several demonstrations which have proved to be popular and have been asked to offer more, demonstrating what I would do in an emergency; recognizing an emergency; and communicating with the ambulance service. So the main topics are Cardiac emergency, Strokes, unconscious patients and tips on doing effective CPR.
There is no charge except for £1 towards tea and coffee.
To this end I will be doing another 2hr demonstration on Monday 4th February 10-12 at the YHA Windmill Lane. Parking is on site.
There are 20 places available.
If interested please see me on the Information Table or contact me Stewart Wagstaff 01992 624706.


Your Health – eGym at The Laura Trott Leisure Centre.

The Laura Trott Leisure Centre has arranged a reduced price membership for all U3A members who wish join and use the new Egym studio. Some of the U3A members have already joined including Janet and Toni are seeing the benefit of the new equipment which offers a more peaceful and safer method of exercising for members that may be put off by using the main area in the gym.

As we age, it is now commonly accepted that we begin to lose the strength in our muscles, which can lead to a higher risk of injury, falls and breaks. Aside of the physical health benefits there is also a link between an enhanced level of health and lean muscle mass vs reduced body fat mass and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease as we age which is now evident through medical science.

The Egym room offers members the chance to exercise in an environment that is not only comfortable but also allows members to use gym equipment that can be specifically set up to accommodate any previous or existing injuries and other pathologies, all age groups, any exercise ability through a safe and pre-set range of motion and build strength through joints and muscles.

The team at the Laura Trott Leisure Centre have agreed a special U3A membership price of 5 months at £24.99 and will be offering U3A members the chance every few weeks to come in and have a tour of the Egym in order to see how the equipment works and meet the managers and team.

To book your tour/induction with one of our professional health and fitness instructors please contact the membership team on 01992 623345 or ask at reception.
COVID-19 - Suspended




We now have a Group Leader willing to set up a second Reading For Pleasure Group. Please register your interest at the monthly meeting, or contact Ines Lees on 01992 625776.



In view of the popularity of our SATURDAY LUNCH Group, Rachel is starting a second group which will meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Bulls Head Pub at Turnford. Contact Rachel for more details. Rachel 01992 636034



Basic finger spelling and sign language for beginners. Useful, communication for all and fun to learn. These sessions are for anyone who have been on a sign language course with me before. Four one and a half hour sessions to be held at the Brookfield Farm Tesco Super Store, Community Room.

Sessions will start on Tuesday 7th January at 1:30 – Sessions Free.


Basic finger spelling and sign language for beginners. Useful, communication for all and fun to learn. Six one and a half hour sessions to be held at the Brookfield Farm Tesco Super Store, Community Room. Sessions will start on Tuesday 18th February at 1:30 – Sessions Free.
COVID-19 - Suspended

Contact Jacqui Fry: 07745 264787



We now have in place a Group Sharing Agreement with our neighbouring U3As. Anyone wishing to attend one of the listed groups should first contact the Group Leader. You must prove that you are a paid up member of Cheshunt U3A by showing your membership card.

ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES (Lea Valley) Chris Murphy 01992 446190 Kate Gorman 01992 465032
ASTRONOMY (Broxbourne) David Sharp 01992 422622
BALLROOM/SEQUENCE DANCING (Broxbourne) Stan Chatterton 01992 414290
BOARD GAMES (Waltham Abbey) Helen Wilson 01992 712765
CREATIVE WRITING & POETRY (Broxbourne) Jean Hack 01992 426255
DISCUSSION & DEBATING (Waltham Abbey) Richard Clayton 01992 768794
DRAMA (Waltham Abbey) Elaine Pritchard 01992 768446
GARDENING 2 (Broxbourne) Suzanne Fitch 01992 444257
GERMAN FOR BEGINNERS (Waltham Abbey) Helen Wilson 01992 712765
GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS/IMPROVERS (Buntingford) Bill Hooper 01763 273123
HEALTH & RELAXATION (Broxbourne) Val Foley 01992 304830
HERITAGE GROUP (Broxbourne) Geoff Ansell 01992 444928
LATIN (Hertford) Anthony Holbourne 01992 300663
MERRY MEN (Waltham Abbey) Bernie Leverett 01992 763938
PILATES (Buntingford) Rosemary Poulton 01763 271598
STAMP COLLECTING (Broxbourne) Michael Facey 01992 468833
SUNDAY LUNCH (Waltham Abbey) Terry Hoye 07944 239235



We have now received new parking permits that can be used for every month this coming membership year. These can ONLY be used on our main meeting days. PLEASE ENSURE YOU DISPLAY YOUR PERMIT CLEARLY so the Enforcement Officers know you are in the U3A meeting. Collection of permits can be from the Membership Secretary.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU DISPLAY YOUR PERMIT CLEARLY so the Enforcement Officers know you are in the U3A meeting.

Steve Gollop Vice Chairman Cheshunt U3A


THE U3A IS FOR EVERYBODY - a diverse range of topics and groups to get involved with a chance to meet old, and make new friends in an informative and relaxed atmosphere where you will be made most welcome.

Please explore our website, and feel free to come along to our monthly meeting at the Laura Trott Centre, Windmill Lane, Cheshuntto find out more about us - you are welcome to attend these meetings as a visitor for an entrance fee on the door of £2. Each month we have a guest speaker - details on our Events Page - as well as information on individual groups, bookstall, refreshments and a raffle.


VISITORS - a temporary membership fee of £2 is charged to visitors, and a dated receipt is given. This confers all the advantages of Cheshunt U3A membership, including insurance, for that month only, during which time a group activity can be joined if there is room and on production of the receipt and payment of the usual group attendance fee.

If you wish to donate books and puzzles to help raise funds please bring them along to the monthly meeting. A raffle for valuable prizes will also be held at each monthly meeting. **** TOP PRIZE NOW £50***

Click on the links on the right hand side of this page for the following documents:
More Time to Learn - information about the ethos and organisation of U3A groups.
U3A and You - newsletter with Q&As
U3A Going Forward - the three year plan for U3A.