Next monthly meeting will be on Thursday 28th October when the speaker will be, Deborah Brady who will be giving us an illustrated talk called A Female In Fleet Street, an entertaining look back on her life on the papers in a male dominated world.


Alistair Hodgson
This months speaker is Alistair Hodgson who was born and raised in West Hertfordshire. His love of old aeroplanes led him to become a vounteer at the Bunker museum, at Hatfield Police Station which led to him becoming their first full-time curator. De Havilland Aircraft Company contributed a great deal to Aviation history. Its achiements over 60 years will be documented by Alistair looking at some of its most famous aircraft ending with a glimpse of an exciting new museum

Monthly meetings will usually be held on the 4th Thursday of each Month at 1.30pm at the LAURA TROTT CENTRE. Please note that the doors to LAURA TROTT will not be opened until 1.30pm and the main Meeting will commence in the Hall by 2.30pm.

Visit our web site for more information of events and groups. Peter HARRIS maintains this site. This programme/newsletter is available on the website about three days before the monthly meeting.

When you attend the monthly meetings, you should bring your membership card along, to book yourself in at the respective desk. You should also take it to any group meetings. The group leaders will want to keep their own records.



These are available at the main meeting. They are only valid from 1-5pm on the afternoon of the monthly meeting. Please ensure that you clearly display the permit inside the front windscreen.



Moving forward we plan to continue following government guidance, and any requirements the Laura Trott Centre wish to impose for our Monthly meetings. The restrictions have now been removed and responsibility is down to the individual. Thus the need for mask wearing is not mandatory.
The Cheshunt U3A committee are hoping that all members have the highest protection from Covid by having the two vaccinations, which the NHS has brilliantly rolled out this year.


How to renew your membership.....

The new membership year will run up to April 1st 2022. Our annual membership fee remains unaltered at £12 per person or £8.50 if you pay your main membership to another U3A . We will need proof if choosing the latter amount. The only exception to this is if you want to continue to receive a copy of the THIRD AGE MATTERS magazine. We are having to ask individuals to pay for the postage which amounts to £3 per year. In which case the membership fee will be £15 and £11.50 respectively.

If at all possible we would prefer not to deal with cash, as this involves many trips to a bank that is no longer local to us and they can be awkward dealing with it. Ideally we would like you to use a Bank Transfer if you use internet banking, the sort code 77 05 13 account number 13292860

When using this method please provide your name and membership number as the reference ... otherwise we will not know who it has come from!
If you want to send a cheque ,please put your membership number on the reverse of the cheque, made payable to .......... Cheshunt U3A

Send your cheque to Mrs J Wallace , 5 Highfield Road, Cheshunt , EN7 6RW. plus a SAE
The only people who need to fill in a membership renewal form are new members or members whose details have changed from last year.
If you need an application form to join, or to update your details please go to and then click on the Welcome page and download a membership form or contact the membership secretary -



A Temporary Membership Fee of £2 is charged to visitors, and a dated receipt will be given. This confers all the advantages of Cheshunt U3A membership, including Insurance for that month only, during which time a group activity can be joined if there is room, on production of the receipt and payment of any group attendance fee.


National U3A MATTERS magazine.

The dates of publication are 15th February, 15th April, 15th June,15th September, 15th November . 5 Copies per year. The cost of the magazine is paid for out of the capitation fee of £3.50 which comes out of the £12 fee members pay per year. Only 75 people have paid the annul postage fee of £3.00 these are the people who will receive a copy.
There are some members who have paid the postage , who will not get the September issue because the database was sent away before they signed up for another year.

We are now 6 months into the membership year and we are now closing the database at the end of the month. Members not joined by then will have to be removed from the database and will need to re apply.



For those of you who have taken part in Brian Baileys quiz I have moved this to his very own page called simply Brian's Quiz. He deserves it. All Scams and COVID details are in the IT Scams page.



Membership and Data Protection 2021

Committee Meeting Minutes

Monthly Programme - Download here!

Cheshunt Constitution

Data Protection Form

Minutes of AGM August 2021


Car Parking at Laura Trott Centre for attendance at Cheshunt U3A Main Meetings

The Broxbourne Parking Department have reversed their decision requiring car registration numbers for Cheshunt u3a members when attending our monthly meetings.
The previous method of Parking Permits will again apply and these will be available for collection on the following dates:

At the next main meeting commencing at 1.30pm on Thursday 28th October at a table near to the membership area.

The permits are valid on the fourth Thursday of each month between 1-5pm and expire on Sunday 31st July 2022.
It is extremely frustrating that this decision by the Parking Department was not taken from the outset but now we can look forward to a much more satisfactory arrangement.

John Durrant – Parking Czar



This is now being run by Andy SMITH 07930 356976

Next walk :-Fri 10th Sep 10:15 for 10:30 Start will meet at Cedars Park car park for a 3 mile walk towards the Lieutenant Ellis memorial and then follow the New River footpath to where it crosses the M25 in the purpose built Aquaduct and back to Cedars Park for coffee. Please note that the New River Footpath is mainly crushed long grass so wear appropriate footwear. Free car parking at Cedars Park but best arrive early to park.



u3a 1 u3a 2 u3a 3 u3a 4



The fee this year is £12 no need to fill these forms in just send your cheque.

If you want to receive the magazines we now charge for postage which is £3.00

Please sent a stamped address envelope for return of membership card. The address to send your form is at the bottom of the Application Form.

If you are a new member or have not completed the Data Protection form click on the following Membership and Data Protection 2021



There has been a noticeable increase in the past year of Internet scams whereby contact has been made to potential victims via telephone or emails. As this has become more prevalent Cheshunt U3A Committee are currently looking at ways to improve it’s security, one of those options being our website that holds a large amount of personal information. For the time being we have removed all such information from the website until the review is complete. People can still be contacted via the Contact Page. Any email sent will be forwarded to relevant parties. We hope this is not too much of an inconvenience meanwhile.


u3a radio podcast out now

Listen to the latest episode of the u3a radio podcast.. Episode 6 of our u3a radio podcast has a history theme. It features stories from u3a members about their experiences of the Battle of Britain and the Blitz, an interview with the u3a Egyptology Subject Advisor and our team find out more about a Speaker Swap that's been happening across u3a British History groups.

Listen to the episode now and find all our previous episodes on Our UTube Channel



Your regional Trustees and Team are here to support you. We know that despite everyone’s best efforts, things have been challenging for many of us and there are times we may need some extra support. This leaflet has advice, links, tips and resources to help keep us all connected, active and learning together. Whether we connect online or face to face (rules allowing) when the lockdown eases or a blend of the two, we hope the ideas in this leaflet support us in growing a strong movement.

No member should be left behind so please keep in touch with your regional trustee and team

You can find all the resources by clicking this leaflet


Membership Renewal 2020-2021

Due to the current pandemic all membership has been extended to 1st April 2021

New members need to complete the New Membership Form with Data Protection



We have been advised by U3A National Office that to comply with Charity Commission requirements we need to remove the following sentence from Section 3 of our constitution.
This advancement should also contribute to improving the conditions of life for the above persons in the interest of their social welfare.
To meet this requirement we are giving notice that at the next meeting on 22nd August 2019 we will be seeking agreement from the membership to change Section 3 to read
Within Cheshunt and its surrounding locality, the advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work by all means, including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.
If anyone needs any further information regarding this please contact the Chairman on 01992 629209.


Cheshunt U3A Privacy Policy

Cheshunt U3A treats your privacy rights seriously. Our privacy policy sets out how we will deal with your ‘personal information’, that is, information that could identify, or is related to the identity of, an individual. Click on the following link Cheshunt U3A Privacy Policy to read the full document.

We have also updated our Constitution, that link is as follows Cheshunt Constitution



This is not a first aid course.
For 22yrs I served on front line Ambulance work for, initially, the Hertfordshire Ambulance Service which eventually become the East of England Ambulance and Paramedic Service. I served as a Paramedic for 17 yrs dealing with whatever medical emergencies came my way, from Maternities to Death and resuscitation. I have already done several demonstrations which have proved to be popular and have been asked to offer more, demonstrating what I would do in an emergency; recognizing an emergency; and communicating with the ambulance service. So the main topics are Cardiac emergency, Strokes, unconscious patients and tips on doing effective CPR.
There is no charge except for £1 towards tea and coffee.
To this end I will be doing another 2hr demonstration on Monday 4th February 10-12 at the YHA Windmill Lane. Parking is on site.
There are 20 places available.
If interested please see me on the Information Table



We now have in place a Group Sharing Agreement with our neighbouring U3As. Anyone wishing to attend one of the listed groups should first contact the Group Leader. You must prove that you are a paid up member of Cheshunt U3A by showing your membership card.

ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES (Lea Valley) Chris Murphy
ASTRONOMY (Broxbourne) David Sharp
BALLROOM/SEQUENCE DANCING (Broxbourne) Stan Chatterton
BOARD GAMES (Waltham Abbey) Helen Wilson
CREATIVE WRITING & POETRY (Broxbourne) Jean Hack
DISCUSSION & DEBATING (Waltham Abbey) Richard Clayton
DRAMA (Waltham Abbey) Elaine Pritchard
GARDENING 2 (Broxbourne) Suzanne Fitch
GERMAN FOR BEGINNERS (Waltham Abbey) Helen Wilson
HEALTH & RELAXATION (Broxbourne) Val Foley
HERITAGE GROUP (Broxbourne) Geoff Ansell
LATIN (Hertford) Anthony Holbourne
MERRY MEN (Waltham Abbey) Bernie Leverett
PILATES (Buntingford) Rosemary Poulton
STAMP COLLECTING (Broxbourne) Michael Facey
SUNDAY LUNCH (Waltham Abbey) Terry Hoye


THE U3A IS FOR EVERYBODY - a diverse range of topics and groups to get involved with a chance to meet old, and make new friends in an informative and relaxed atmosphere where you will be made most welcome.

Please explore our website, and feel free to come along to our monthly meeting at the Laura Trott Centre, Windmill Lane, Cheshunt to find out more about us - you are welcome to attend these meetings as a visitor for an entrance fee on the door of £2. Each month we have a guest speaker - details on our Events Page - as well as information on individual groups, bookstall, refreshments and a raffle.


VISITORS - a temporary membership fee of £2 is charged to visitors, and a dated receipt is given. This confers all the advantages of Cheshunt U3A membership, including insurance, for that month only, during which time a group activity can be joined if there is room and on production of the receipt and payment of the usual group attendance fee.

If you wish to donate books and puzzles to help raise funds please bring them along to the monthly meeting. A raffle for valuable prizes will also be held at each monthly meeting. **** TOP PRIZE NOW £50***

Click on the links on the right hand side of this page for the following documents:
More Time to Learn - information about the ethos and organisation of U3A groups.
U3A and You - newsletter with Q&As
U3A Going Forward - the three year plan for U3A.