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Listed below are the sites of local U3A's and Groups who welcome Cheshunt members.

Group Sharing Agreement

That interest groups within the U3As Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Hertford, Lea Valley, Ware & Waltham Abbey, who wish to open up their group to persons who are not registered members in the host U3A, may do so by following the conditions listed below.

1. Persons joining a group must prove they are a paid up member of one of the U3As above.
2. It is the group leaders’ decision, with agreement from their committee, to open up their interest group to other members from the U3As above.
3. If an interest group becomes oversubscribed then non registered members would be asked to leave or join the host U3A. This is to be made clear to them when they initially join.
4. These arrangements will apply only to interest groups and will not include attendance at main meetings.
5. All issues arising regarding these groups will be referred to the host U3A committee.
6. This is a reciprocal agreement between committees of the U3As above.

Printed copy available



We now have in place a Group Sharing Agreement with our neighbouring U3As. Anyone wishing to attend one of the listed groups should first contact the Group Leader. You must prove that you are a paid up member of Cheshunt U3A by showing your membership card.

ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES (Lea Valley) Chris Murphy 01992 446190 Kate Gorman 01992 465032
ASTRONOMY (Broxbourne) David Sharp 01992 422622
BALLROOM/SEQUENCE DANCING (Broxbourne) Stan Chatterton 01992 414290
BOARD GAMES (Waltham Abbey) Helen Wilson 01992 712765
CREATIVE WRITING & POETRY (Broxbourne) Jean Hack 01992 426255
DISCUSSION & DEBATING (Waltham Abbey) Richard Clayton 01992 768794
DRAMA (Waltham Abbey) Elaine Pritchard 01992 768446
GARDENING 2 (Broxbourne) Suzanne Fitch 01992 444257
GERMAN FOR BEGINNERS (Waltham Abbey) Helen Wilson 01992 712765
GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS/IMPROVERS (Buntingford) Bill Hooper 01763 273123
HEALTH & RELAXATION (Broxbourne) Val Foley 01992 304830
HERITAGE GROUP (Broxbourne) Geoff Ansell 01992 444928
LATIN (Hertford) Anthony Holbourne 01992 300663
MERRY MEN (Waltham Abbey) Bernie Leverett 01992 763938
PILATES (Buntingford) Rosemary Poulton 01763 271598
STAMP COLLECTING (Broxbourne) Michael Facey 01992 468833
SUNDAY LUNCH (Waltham Abbey) Terry Hoye 07944 239235


Shakespeare Group Is Still Alive and Well!

The Broxbourne U3A Shakespeare group will shortly be celebrating its third birthday! Not bad for what may be considered to be a ‘minority’ interest, with, for many people, the memory of boring English lessons at school. In our informal group sessions, reading and discussing the plays, we have discovered so much that is still relevant today, lots of unsuspected bawdy humour and so many everyday expressions that originated with Shakespeare. Looking at social and theatrical history adds interest, too, as do the occasional DVD clips from outstanding performances, or considering aspects of a scene from a director’s or actor’s point of view. Occasionally, we get together to see the excellent relayed NT and RSC productions and we’ve celebrated the Bard’s birthday in April a couple of times, with lunch in a traditional English pub…In short, we are enjoying our studies.

The group is open to Lea Valley and Cheshunt U3A members and any other branch that has agreed to the sharing arrangement. Designated Friday meetings, 11.00 am to 12.30 pm at Mayhem Theatre Arts, Hoddesdon.




A Ware Group who meet at Wodson Park Ware on Fridays 2 - 3.30pm.
Contact Pat Fisher 01920 464463 for information.
A warm welcome to all Cheshunt members.


U3A Broxbourne


Val Foster 01992 627354 and June Brown 01992 301987.
First and third Thursdays of the month, 2 - 4 pm Bollescroft large room, Hoddesdon. New members from Cheshunt U3A welcome, no previous experience or partners necessary! Please join us for a fun and sociable afternoon.


Line Dancing Group
This group has members from Cheshunt, Broxbourne and Lea Valley U3A's and we meet every Friday and Monday morning at Wormley Community Centre.

We are pleased to announce that there will be a new Absolute Beginner class starting on Friday 24th March. It will be held at Wormley Community Centre, Fairfield Drive, EN10 6DX from 11.30am to 12.15pm. Please register your interest at the Line Dance table at the monthly meetings or call/email Lesley for more information (

Monday's Group
Beginners/Improvers Class 9.30am to 10.30am (need to have some experience).
Improvers Class 10.45am to 11.45am.
Beginners Class 12 noon to 1.00pm (need to have some experience).

Friday's Group
Easy Improvers/Social Dancing 10.00am -12 noon.

For more information contact Lesley Burnham on 01992 445938 or or visit her table at the monthly meeting. There are currently no plans to start another Absolute Beginners class.


U3A Lea Valley

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U3A Waltham Abbey

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