A summary of next months guest speaker


Alistair Hodgson Alistair Hodgson was born and raised in West Hertfordshire. His love of old aeroplanes led him to become a vounteer at the Bunker museum, at Hatfield Police Station which led to him becoming their first full-time curator. De Havilland Aircraft Company contributed a great deal to Aviation history. Its achiements over 60 years will be documented by Alistair looking at some of its most famous aircraft ending with a glimpse of an exciting new museum



Humanimal Trust drives collaboration between vets, doctors and researchers so that all humans and animals benefit from sustainable, medical progress but not at the expense of an animal’s life. This is One Medicine. This organisation was founded by Prof Noel Fitzpatrick .... otherwise known as Super Vet! The Trust are not charging for this talk , but will be accepting donations at the end of the talk if you so wish.



Leonard LITTLE was an officer with Hertfordshire Police when he applied for a Fellowship in 1987 to investigate the training and use of drug search dogs.

The Fellowship
For two months, Leonard studied with the German Customs Service headed by Herr Rudi Schimscha, who was at the time the world’s leading trainer of drug dogs. He also spent time with three of the nine West German state police forces: Bavaria, Rhineland Pfalz and Hessen.

The German way of training police drugs dogs was fundamentally different to that of the UK. The German dogs went through three months of training in comparison to the 10 weeks allotted to the British dogs, and a lot more time was spent stimulating a drive instinct in the dogs during the early stages of training.

The Results
Leonard was awarded an instructors’ qualification by the German Customs, and as a result, was also put through an accelerated instruction course in the UK on his return – several years earlier than he expected. His force also brought two Labradors for him to personally train as drugs dogs.

“For me, the Fellowship was career-changing”

While at the regional training school in Preston, Leonard was encouraged by the Chief Instructor to use the photographic department to create a compilation of footage he’d taken in Germany. Leonard was invited to share the resulting film presentation as the guest specialist speaker at the National Police Dog Trials, attended by members of each of the 43 UK police forces. As a result he was inundated with requests to visit local forces and repeat his presentation.

The Customs Service also requested a meeting, as did the Standing Committee on the Training and Use of Police Dogs, who subsequently adapted their training manual to reflect the methods that Leonard had witnessed on his Fellowship.

In 1990, following the fall of the Berlin Wall, Leonard was invited back by the German Customs to act as a judge in their national dog trials. This led to an exchange programme, with groups from the UK and Germany travelling to the other’s country, staying in colleagues’ homes and spending time learning new and different training techniques. The exchanges lasted for 5 years and led to lasting friendships.

Now retired, Leonard is still part of the dog training world, and he will soon be helping his old colleagues train up six new dogs.



John Foster - My background comes from the Fire Service, I joined at 18 years of age, did my time & enjoyed the whole experience, think the expression like the Military, friends for life & one big family.

My biking comes from the biggest life change that any parent could possibly imagine, my son Robbie Foster was KIA in Afghan 2007 along side two mates John Thrumble & Aaron Mcclure, they are members of 1 Royal Anglian known as the Vikings our boys were KIA in a Blue on Blue.

To keep myself busy I decided to do a DASS course, passed my test on a Monday & bought a 1300ST Pan on the Tuesday knees knocking i joined the best family on two wheels. I now ride a GS Adventure, I do a lot in Europe so it's the right bike for me.

Now being part of the mighty RTTW committee as the families officer I will endeavour to bring the families of our fallen into the order of events on such an emotionally charged day, I hope I can do them justice ... Proud, pride & Respect ...



Martin Lloyd - Writer and speaker Martin Lloyd is an experienced and popular speaker. He travels throughout the country giving talks to all kinds of groups and associations and is very much in demand. His latest book is titled - Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies – Passport stories from history.
Thrill to a dramatic account of how a group of assassins brought about a change in the passport regulations; how the unmasking of a spy caused a modification in passport design and how, for one man, the passport itself turned into a killer.

Whether it’s BBC TV News or Radio Guernsey, Martin Lloyd is the media’s choice when passports are being discussed. He is an engaging storyteller and author with titles published in travel-humour, romance, thriller, history and current affairs.



Dr. Helen FRY has written and edited over 25 books. Her works cover the social history of the Second World War: British Intelligence and the secret war; spies and espionage; and MI9 escape and evasion. She continues to bring fresh insight into the clandestine operations of WWII, including widespread coverage of the greatest deception of the war: the bugging of Hitler’s generals at Trent Park, North London, which will be her talk in September.

Dr.Helen Fry lives and works in London. She is an ambassador for the Museum of Military Intelligence at Milton Bryan in Buckinghamshire. Because of her expertise in British Intelligence in WW1 and WWII, she has been involved in a number of documentaries – including David Jason’s Secret Service. She has conducted advisory work for TV and drama; something which she particularly enjoys, as well as numerous radio broadcasts.

Helen has also written extensively about the 10,000 Germans who fought for Britain in WWII.

Perfect Timing - Helen has just had her latest book published called The Walls Have Ears: The Greatest Intelligence Operation of World War 2 It’s also Book of the Week in the Daily Mail. Full review in Friday 6th September pages 52-53 edition.



Born in 1950, in Barrow-in- Furness, Philip’s working life began in the hotel business. His career developed into facilities management within the oil industry and almost thirty years were spent in places such as the North Sea, Algeria, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Russia. From 2003 he spent seven years in post war Baghdad working with the American coalition and a further three years running oil services companies in Dubai and Iraq. Philip retired in 2015 and began writing as a hobby. To date he has published four fiction adventure novels all based on his experiences in the Middle East.


JUNE 2019

Shelley LOZANO who will address us on Big Cats and Endangered Wildlife

Shelley is a published author and her book 'Wild & Free' is fully illustrated with photographs she has taken from her travels in the wild and include thought-provoking and inspirational poems to raise awareness for big cats, wildlife, nature and the environment. A large portion (20%) of the profits from the sale of her book goes back into the wildlife projects she supports for charities.

Shelley has raised thousands of pounds over the years for various charities to help endangered animals in the wild as well as improving conditions for big cats in captivity and through her work, she continues to raise awareness and funds for big cats and endangered wildlife.


On 23rd MAY 2019 when the guest speaker will be VIC BOTTERILL who will address us on “MOMENTS, MEMORY and MAGIC” a practical and humorous talk on “forgetfulness is not necessary in old age”
Moments, Memory & Magic:

Do you forget other people's names. Find yourself in one part of the house and wonder why you are there. Put it down to age. Forget it. It happens to young and old alike. But not everyone. The mysteries of the brain revealed. It's truly magic.


MARCH 2019

Making a welcome return is young photographer Tom MASON. His talk is entitled “Island Life'.
Throughout Tom MASON’s life he has always been a little different. Growing up, games consoles were never much interest to him and he didn’t claim to know a lot about football… Instead, he had a huge passion for exploration, the world and the wild, capturing photographs and telling stories.
He had the pleasure to work in some awesome locations, with some incredible people. Not a day went past when he isn’t thankful for what he does. He made a shedload of images, yet is constantly pushing the boundaries to learn new things.
Life’s all about the journey, meeting people and sharing what we love. So let’s travel, explore or better still…we could always shoot some pictures and of course give talks which is why we are glad to welcome him to Cheshunt U3A as October’s guest speaker.
Check out the Tom Mason website.



] Andy SMITH has given ‘music talks’ to lots of U3A’s, Rotary Clubs WI’s, Lodges and sundry events and can offer something a little bit different.
From the feedback received, members have always enjoyed themselves and have gone home with smiles on their faces!!
The fact that most of engagements are either through recommendation or rebooking is an indication of their success!!


A song-writing multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, tenor guitar, sitar, piano ….) and singer (!) brings a car full of instruments to the meeting. Totally self-sufficient with his own pa system (for up to 500 people)



ANDY THOMAS who is one of the UKs leading speakers on Mysteries/Histories. His talk is entitled “THE STORY OF ENGLISH FREEDOM” From the rebellions of Boudicca against Roman invaders to the Peasants’ Revolt and the modern Poll Tax riots, from the truly revolutionary ideas put forward in Cromwellian times to influential movers and shakers such as Thomas Paine, the Suffragettes and George Orwell, ‘Freedom’ has always been a key issue in English history. Andy shines a captivating light on some of the most significant leaps of the centuries and sees how they still resonate today.


October 2018

Phil HOLT who will be speaking on High Flying Tales - The Red Arrows Phil is an accomplished and experienced speaker with very interesting tales to tell about this legendry group.

Phil began his career in 1972 since then he has given over five hundred presentations to audiences from twenty to over 1500 formal and informal audiences. He joined National Air Traffic Services (NATS) in 1972 as an Air Traffic Controller, a career spanning almost 40 years serving at seven locations including London Herathrow the busiest airport in the west.

He has served as a reservist in the RAF as a flying instructor and in Maritime Air Region operations. Phil involved with airshow organising continues as an active pilot and can count amongst his flying achievements parachute dropping and flying for the St. John’s Ambulance air wing. He is marrried to Diane with two sons Matthew and Alex. Matthew is an Airline Pilot and Alex works for Aerospace and Defence firm Cobham plc.


September 2018

Carol and Steve ROBSON will be illustrating and musically presenting songs that have a fascinating story to tell

The new show for 2018 is currently being performed all over the UK. We've been delighted with the response to 'Stories, Waters, and Beat The Drum' shows (all still available), and decided to develop the idea further for an all new show for 2018.

The theme is 'Stormy Stores & Tragic Tales'. All the songs fit the theme, but there will be unexpected twists along the way!

There will be a mix of songs, the stories and tales, the images and movies and of course the fun and audience engagement.

Click on a picture below to see it full-size with more details.