Scams and Much More

Its time to make a few radicle changes so I have started by removing the Computer/IT page and replacing it with Scams and much more

This page will bring you news and information of scams, phishing and other such topics. If you feel something should be included, is incorrect or misleading, confusing or for any other reason please, do not hesitate to contact me by clicking on the "Click to send a message!" at the top of this page. Peter Harris - IT and website.

Why not try this Password checker from the Open University to see how strong your passwords are : Password Checker. (Please note that no data is stored or transmitted).

This advice notice is well worth the read and has tips on a variety of scams and fraud Take Five
The following publications have been distributed by the metropolitan police:

1. The Little Book Of Big Scams

2. The Little Book Of Cyber Scams - Please note this is not as little as you might expect!

3. The Little Leaflet Of Cyber Mistakes

The following videos are on YouTube and well worth a visit:

1. Passwords
2. Phishing
3.On-line ID
4.Updates to check out

My thanks to Wynmondham U3A who created this page and have kindly given permission for us to share it