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This section is dedicated to matters that are not ALL directly connected to a U3A but may be of interest to its members.


All member U3As are invited to take part in our Network Bridge Tournament to be held in Woolmer Green Village Hall, SG3 6XA, on Friday 11th October 2019 from 12.30pm to 4.30pm. Initially two teams per U3A may take part, subject to review nearer the time depending on availability.
Cost will be £12 per team of 4, including refreshments.

Attached is a booking form Bridge Tournament containing full details. If you have any questions, please contact our Tournament Director, details on the form.



Computer Users

Ravenshead U3A have divised someuseful information regarding using your computer. Just click on Ravenshead to access the link.



On Wednesday 31st July, one of our members received an email purporting to come from TV Licensing, telling me that my TV License (note the s - it should be a c) was due to run out on 1st August and my Direct Debit had been refused by my bank. Other than the misspelling of Licence, it looked 100% OK. However, clicking on to the next page he saw that he was going to need to enter all his details (name, address, bank etc) even though TV Licensing should have had them already. He stopped immediately, and went to his filing system to look at last year's Licence. This had a different TV Licence Number on and had been renewed in June of this year. He phoned tv on 03007906071 who confirmed his payment and address. He read out the details of the scam licence number from the email and was told that the number didn't exist.
If you get a similar email, phone the above number immediately and when prompted press 0 (zero) which informs TV Licences that you think you have a scam email.




NEW YEAR CELEBRATION, Saturday January 18th 2020 at the Royal British Legion, Crossbrook Street. (They are in the process of renovating the hall) and numbers will be limited. More information over the coming months.



Battlefields Tour to Ypres 2019

On Friday 26th April at 7am 43 U3A members sat in a coach ready to travel to the French and Belgium battlefields of the First World War. Would the traffic be bad, would we miss our timed crossing? Well not a single holdup, there in time and across the Channel in no time. Early afternoon we stopped at Bedford House Cemetery just outside Ypres scene of the early fighting in 1914 and where now lie the graves of 2195 soldiers.

Menin Gate Ypres

From there it was a short ride to Ypres to our two hotels around the Town Square. Arriving around 6pm we had little time before walking to the Menin Gatefor the 8pm Last Post service that has not missed a day for the past one hundred years. A very moving experience with a public of all ages, some laying wreaths for their respective organisations.

Saturday we were up early checking out the local market that was now in the Square. We met up at 10am and went to the Flanders Museum to witness on film, some moving testimonies of soldiers and local people’s experiences of those times. After this we were back on board and off to a memorial to the Canadians that had died in the first gas attack of the war. Coincidentally across the road was a memorial to the Hertfordshire Regiment. Then back on board and off to Hyde Park Corner, a Cemetery dedicated to the Royal Berkshire Regiment. Our guide throughout all this was Bob Dutton a true gentleman who has been giving these escorted tours for the past decade, normally to 16 year old schoolchildren so this was a different experience for him, one that I think he relished and one we certainly all benefited from. He was also quick to seize an opportunity when it arrived as in this case when round the corner from this site was a museum dedicated to the Great War. He was also gifted in the art of entrance fees for the elderly!! This too was a moving experience with two films explaining the build-up and subsequent war that followed. Again a site not to be missed. Now the day was done, an exhausting and poignant day, so when Stewart Wagstaff took to the mike and explained his time as a farmer, it was a welcome relief and very informative. Now we all know how to identify Belgium Blue, and Canadian Holstein cattle and how to inseminate a cow!

Hertfordshire ----- -----

Sunday and a long trip back into France to Beaumont-Hamel Ridge scene of two Canadian and Allied memorials. This marked the fiercest Battle of the Somme particularly 1st July 1916 when the Allied Forces lost so many men. With the rain holding off we travelled to the Thiepval Memorial an imposing structure that towered above the landscape that marks the graves of 72,000. The afternoon saw us at Lochnagar Crater, seventy feet deep and created by Allied Forces tunnelling under German lines, packing high explosives which was then triggered in an attempt to penetrate German lines. Finally that day to the Vimy Ridge Memorial Park and monument, our guides there were young Canadian students. Throughout this weekend we watched all the final episodes of Blackadder, the satirical view of the Great War, the tragedy and the futility of it all.

Caribou Soldier Thiepval

Monday and our return but not before visiting Tynecot, the resting place of nearly 20,000 service personnel. As a reminder to us all our final destination was to Langemark, a German cemetery which reminded us all that there were enormous casualties on both sides and that this was a tragedy for all.
Now finally I must on behalf of us all give a huge thank you to Stewart Wagstaff and Bob Dutton for without their planning none of this would have been possible.


Psychological consequences of fear of incontinence

A disturbing title I agree however Cheshunt U3A have been contacted by Clinical Consultant Shirley Chiu at University College London who is currently studying the impact of worrying about bladder and bowels control on mood and daily activities. Two in every three women over 40, and one in two men, experience losing control of their bladder and around 1 in 8 or 9 adults have experienced losing control of their bowels. Yet the impact of continence concerns is an under-researched area, particularly in the older population.
She would like Cheshunt U3A to help distribute the advert flyer for this project (e.g. by leaving our flyer in your store)? Participants will be invited to complete an online anonymous survey, which should take approximately 20-25 minutes.
We will obtain those flyers but they are unlikely to arrive before the February meeting. Meanwhile if you like to take part then click on the above link and follow the instructions.



Our Musician United Group entertained members of the Beaumont Centre at their Coffee morning last Monday 28th January. They received a great reception - the band had them all up and dancing. Plans are now in hand to make this a monthly event. The players learnt a lot from this and are looking forward to the next session.
The Beaumont Centre are keen to promote their Coffee mornings and would invite all U3A members to join them. Once a date has been set for our return I will include it in this piece.
Meanwhile attached are three snippets of that performance https:/, and


Parking enforcement to be introduced at Council offices

To improve the use of parking facilities at Bishops’ College, parking enforcement will be introduced in the entire front section of the site fromMonday 21 January 2019.

Visitors wishing to park at Bishops’ College will have to validate their right to park via a Pay by Phone system. The new regulations will be enforced 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays. The change will be applicable to all vehicles including motorbikes.

Parking charges will be as follows:

Free up to 2 hours (free session must be registered through Pay By Phone)
£2.40 for up to 3 hours
£3.40 for up to 4 hours
£4.40 for up to 5 hours
£5.40 for up to 6 hours
£10 for over 6 hours (up to midnight)

There will be no pay and display machine so all parking sessions will need to be registered through PayByPhone (including free parking for the first 2 hours). Vehicles must not return within 1 hour of a previous period of parking.

The location code will be 801290and visitors can register for parking via the following methods:

• online at
• by calling 0800 546 0618 (calls charged at local rate)
• through the PayByPhone app which can be downloaded from the App store, Google Play or

Cards accepted: Visa/Mastercard/Google Pay/Apple Pay (AMEX not accepted)

Any vehicle that contravenes the car park`s regulations will face £50 or £70 Penalty Charge Notice, depending on the offence. Penalties may be reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days from the issue date.

Penalty Charge Notices can be issued for the following reasons:

• Parked during the chargeable hours without having a valid PayByPhone session for the stay
• Parked after the expiry of a free session or after the time paid for
• Not parked wholly within the marked bay
• Parked in a disabled person`s parking space without clearly displaying a valid disabled badge
• Parked in a reserved bay, restricted area, or on a yellow line
• Parked in a loading bay without loading
• Parked within 1 hour of a previous parking period



Click Diary Dates for 2019 for the following groups - Bolivia, Canasta, Rummikub and Music in the Afternoon




If you have joined Cheshunt U3A in the last three months or have just joined today, please come along to the New Members’ Group.
We meet at the Fountains Cafe, Old Pond, Cheshunt at 11am on the Monday 29th July. Our aim is to set up friendly group where you can meet other new members, find out about Cheshunt U3A, meet group leaders and find out the different special interests groups.
Carole Batter 01707 879773 Pat Dixon 01992 766832



Citizens Advice Then join us in offering advice and practical support to those people in need of assistance in the area.
As a charity serving the community for over 20 years, we know the powerful impact our help provides. Whatever your background and skills, we know we have a role that is just right for you! We will provide all the necessary training and support and whilst learning new skills and knowledge, you will also be helping others.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website:

or call us on 01992 780 236



This is kept on the information table to view, please do not remove.
We ask members to enter the names of trades’ people they have used and found to be good and reliable.
No guarantees' are implied or offered, please do your research but this might be a good starting point.

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