Bishop's Cleeve

Group Leaders

Covid-19 Special Conditions

Can all Group Leaders please inform our Groups Co-ordinator, Vivien Paxford of any meetings they are proposing.This is most important as Risk Assessments and Covid safety considerations must be clarified and adhered to.

The Third Age Trust has lots of useful advice and resources available for Group Leaders.
U3A members can create themselves an account on the National Office website to access these resources and some of the important documents can be found on this page.

Incident Report Form - to be completed following any accidents or incidents that may result in a claim against us.
Insurance Cover Note - all our groups are covered by the Insurance Cover Note provided by the Third Age Trust and a copy can be found in the Links section on this page.

We have been informed by National Office that the new regulations require General Risk Assessment forms for Outdoor Activities to be completed by the group leader and all members taking part in the activity.
Group Leaders - please find attached Risk Assessment form for Outside Activities.

Subject Advisers
There is a network of over 70 national subject advisers, whose role is to provide advice on both the setting up of a group in their particular specialty and the sustainability of ones already in existence, which may benefit from new ideas or a different approach.