Bishop's Cleeve


Please use the form below to contact members of the committee but please be aware that you may not receive an immediate reply if the recipient is on holiday or otherwise unable to answer.


Chair: Valerie Hayward 07850 375641
Vice-Chair: Gillian Thompson 01242 690186
Business Secretary: Margaret Cleverley 01242 672449
Treasurer: Simon Waller 07849 757167
Groups Co-ordinator: Rose Hawkins 01684 301668
Membership Secretary: Sheelagh Autef 07908 490571
Committee Member: Marguerite Habgood 01242 678973
RUMS Group Leader:Chris Larkin 07736 807511
Beacon Administrator: Philip Watson 01242 673267
Speaker Secretary: Joan Hall 07740 902231

Other committee members

Minutes Secretary: Stella Caney 01242 676143
Clarion Editor: Rachel Chetwood

Other contacts

Deputy Beacon Administrator: Lloyd Silverthorne
Deputy Groups Co-ordinator: Alan Hazell
Web Admin: Jenny Waller
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