Bishop's Cleeve


We use Beacon, which is a secure online database to hold details of all our current members. To comply with current legislation it is necessary for this to be kept on a separate password -protected website (called Beacon) as it contains sensitive data. This on-line management system is supported by the Third Age Trust, specifically for local U3As.

How members can use Beacon.

If you are already a member of our U3A, you can now update your details online and renew your membership (when due) by following the link to the Beacon website and logging on.

You will be asked to supply your membership number and other personal contact details.

You can use the Beacon website to:

  • Check and if necessary, update your personal contact details. This includes addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and emergency contact information. You are asked to do this whenever your information changes or at least once a year.
  • See the contact details for group coordinators.
  • Upload a photo.

If you get an error when logging on check that:

  • Your membership number is correct (it's printed on your membership card).
  • Your forename and surname are spelt correctly and start with a capital letter. Check you haven't mistakenly entered a blank space after one or both of them.
  • Your postcode is correct, with a blank space between the two sections.
  • You haven't entered any capital letters in your email address.
  • You haven't copied and pasted, or use auto-fill, to complete any of the fields. This may work on some computers but it doesn't always, so it's best to type the information each time.

Beacon for Group Leaders and Committee Members

More extensive access to the Beacon system and the information it holds is available to Committee Members and Group Leaders. This access is given by the Beacon Administrator on a need-to-use basis only to ensure protection of members’ data. If you are a Group Leader you are encouraged to request access from the Administrator via the link, as this will enable you to:

Manage the members in your group (print lists, send emails, check contact details)
You can then follow the link here to the Beacon Administration site

If you have difficulty in using the Beacon website, or logging on after being given fuller access, please contact the Beacon Administrator via the Pigeon link.