Washington Village


We use Facebook to keep everyone updated about our activities. We have a Facebook Group for members only (to share thoughts and experiences with fellow members). If you are a member go to Facebook and search for Washington Village u3a (Members only) then click apply to join. Please be aware that you can only join the private members only group if you are (a) a current paid up member of the Washington Village u3a, and that you (b) agree to the terms and conditions of the Facebook Group regarding privacy and conduct. Your Facebook name must be similar to your real name.

If you are a u3a member you may also consider joining the national u3a Facebook group Keeping in Touch. Click on the link.

We also have a public page which we use to publicise our u3a. Go to Facebook and search for Washington Village u3a - Public.

The links to Facebook are to the right of this page.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Facebook groups or have difficulty joining, please contact the Public Relations Adviser on our Contact page.

PR Adviser: Tania Le Marinel