Membership Cards
Please remember to carry your card with you whenever you are taking part in any Ware u3a activity. If you have not done so already, please make sure you fill in the reverse with details of who we can contact in an emergency, and add information about any allergies you have.

Ware u3a Members Facebook Group

If you would like to join our Ware u3a members Facebook group you should be able to access it by visiting Ware u3a members Facebook group. You will find short articles on groups and their topics. Once you are a member you will be able to add to the page with news from your groups (photos welcome)


It's never too late to renew your membership of Ware u3a. Just contact the Membership Secretary for details.

Can you help our committee?

Ware u3a can only function with the help of our members. Our committee needs some new members to help us as we restart group activities. In terms of positions to fill:

  • Groups link member - with a volunteer team to help (helping set up new groups, keeping in touch and advising on restarting face to face)
  • Communications member - with a volunteer team to help (over-seeing website, newsletters, social media)

The committee works as a team and help each other but this next year will be busy for all of us and we need your help. Not all positions require you to be on the committee, you can join our teams and work with fellow members.

If you could help us in any way please email Jan Wing who will give you a call to have a chat.