u3as in Wales are invited to join one of the four u3a Networks in Wales. There are networks for North Wales, Mid Wales, South Wales and West Wales

Networks help to:

  • establish a communication links for u3as within their Network and across the Region.
  • provide mutual support, in good and bad times a Network facilitates contacts for u3a chairmen and committees to use for advice.
  • provide support network for u3as that may be having difficulties, sharing issues and problems can be discussed and hopefully solutions can be found.
  • encourage the development of shared minority interest groups across local u3as. They also facilitate the exchange of information across u3as and the sharing of good practice and ideas.
  • extend friendships and social contacts by planning and organising shared events
  • establish links with outside bodies that an individual u3a may not be able to do - sometimes the weight of numbers helps.
  • encourage communication between u3as, which has become much through modern technologies such as the website.