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Croeso i wefan u3a Cymru

About the u3a

The u3a is an international organisation for retired and semiretired people providing educational, creative and leisure activities. Each u3a is made up of a range of interest groups where the members learn from each other - for the joy of discovery not qualification, in a friendly informal atmosphere. The success of each u3a is that they draw on the knowledge , expertise and skills of their members. Anything from Art and Languages to History and Ten-pin Bowling! The sky is the limit.

The members of our u3as come from a wide range of backgrounds and interests, so the variety of interest groups in our u3as is wide, with something for everyone. Get in touch with your local u3a. You'll be assured of a warm welcome.

Gwybodaeth am u3a

Mae’r u3a yn sefydliad rhyngwladol ar gyfer pobl sydd wedi ymddeol ac wedi lled ymddeol, sy’n darparu gweithgareddau addysgol, creadigol a hamdden. Mae pob u3a yn cynnwys amrywiaeth o grwpiau diddordeb lle mae’r aelodau yn dysgu oddiwrth eu gilydd – er mwyn llawenydd darganfyddiad nid cymhwyster, mewn awyrgylch cyfeillgar ac anffurffiol. LLwyddiant pob u3a yw eu bod nhw’n tynnu ar wybodaeth, arbenigedd a doniau eu haelodau. Unrhywbeth o Gelf ac Ieithoedd i Hanes a Bowlio Deg-pin! Nid oes cyfyngiad.

Mae aelodau ein u3aion yn dod o ystad eang o gefndiroedd a diddordebau, felly mae’r amrywiaeth y grwpiau diddordeb yn ein u3aion yn eang, gyda rhywbeth i bawb. Cysylltwch â’ch u3a lleol. Byddwch yn sicr o groeso cynnes.

Wales Regional Networks

A Network is a group of u3as that have chosen to work together. In Wales, we have four regional networks covering North, Mid, South and West Wales. Our Networks share information, ideas and skills, and can help new u3as get established within their area.

Trust Volunteers and Subject Advisers

Help is available in setting up and running your u3a. Please visit the Resources page for more information.


Also on this site...

u3asLists all the u3as in Wales with links to their own Website if they have one. It also links to pages for the four Welsh Networks and the one Welsh Activity Group.
TRUSTEEThe Wales Trustee's page. The Wales Trustee is the Welsh representative on the Board of the Third Age Trust which is the National Organisation for all u3as in the UK.
EVENTSDetails of upcoming Conferences, Meetings, Study Days, Summer Schools, Outings, etc. We also include some non u3a events that may be of interest to members of Welsh u3as such as the National Eisteddfod.

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