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Wales Trustee Talk, Spring 2019

Welcome to the New Year and my Spring 2019 update. I do hope that you weren’t too badly affected by the snow.

So far this year I have attend the South Wales Network meeting, it was good to meet those of you that were at the Sully meeting. I have also attended the North Wales Network meeting where as well as familiar faces we had a number of new attendees. During the course of the year I'm looking forward to visiting the other Networks and some of our U3As across wales.

We have a number of Regional events planned so far this year. The main one being the All Wales Conference, which will take place on May 8th at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells.
The conference theme this year is ‘Endings and Beginnings’. The conference will mark the end of the Coastline and Border Celebration. It will celebrate the collaboration that has taken place between U3As across Wales over the past year. Many U3As and members have participated in the project. We will hear from some of them at the conference. An exhibition of examples, taken from the huge body of the work that was produced, will be on display at the conference, before it begins its journey around Wales.

Building on the success of the Coastline and Border celebration, the afternoon will see a beginning of a new shared learning project focusing on ‘Castles’. To start us off -
Bill Zajac, Legislation and Policy Officer from Cadw, will talk to us about the Castles in Cadw’s Care. The posters (both Cymraeg and English) for the event will be circulated by National Office, to all of our Wales U3As. They are also available here on the website. Bookings for the conference will be made via Eventbrite as previously. There is a link to the booking page on the National website as well as here under events.

At the beginning of March, I will be announcing the Wales U3As Short Story Competition, so watch this space. There will be three categories as usual. Welsh 2nd Language, Welsh 1st Language and English. The details of the competition will be posted on the Wales website and emailed out to U3As in Wales.

In the early Summer I hope to launch a photography competition across our U3As in Wales. The idea would be that individual U3As that would like to participate would hold their own competition locally to select 5 images that go forward to their Network. Each Network would have a panel of judges that would select the 5 images to go forward to the Regional judging panel The Regional panel would then select the 3 winning entries. The timescale for the competition would be 9 – 12 months from launch. This would give photographers time to get their shots, the U3As to get their competitions organised and then the Network and Regional judging to take place.
I’m still in the planning stage but if the competition is to take place, I will certainly need a panel of 3 or 4 judges for each Network and from each Network, 1 judge to join the Regional Panel. If you or anyone you know that would be prepared to be a judge, please contact me

The Wales Region really needs more Trust Volunteers to help support our U3As in Wales. If you are interested, please contact either me or National Office. Training is given and expenses are paid for anything a TV does of behalf of U3A.

Chris Winner, February 2019