Stanford-Le-Hope & District

Parking your car!

Information about parking your car in Stanford-le-Hope and at the Springhouse Sports and Social club in Corringham.

Car Parking in Stanford-le-Hope, Sandpits car park

Some of our members park their cars in Stanford-le-Hope when they take part in our activities. Could members please note that:

The car parking arrangement at the King Street (Sandpits) car park in Stanford-le-Hope have changed again. The company collecting the charges has increased the price from July 2019. There are new signs.

Its either 'Pay and Display' with a ticket from a machine or 'Mobile pay'



£4.00 all day (Online)

£5.00 all day (Machine)

The machines DO NOT give change.

Blue badge scheme not operable.

Please see the company website for details and terms and conditions 01603 620720

Members should note it does not advertise any FREE parking period on the signs or on the company website.
The car park arrangements may change at any time so please check the signs for the latest pricing before leaving you car.


Parking at the Springhouse Club

Please note that parking is a privilege not a right for us at the Springhouse Club for our meetings. Can members bringing cars NOT park in the area where the containers are situated or block access to them. If no parking spaces are available in the car park, please could you please use the Corringham town centre car parks. Please also note that a speed limit of 5mph must be observed when driving your car on the Springhouse premises. Pedestrians share the same road space as the cars.