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We hope you will find these items of interest on local issues. They have been collated from various organisations and sources. Some may ask you to complete a survey to give your response to influence future decisions. Others give information that may affect your day to day activities. They are not all U3A related. Where links are provided, they do not represent a risk if you click them. In this day and age the most common way of providing information and contact is electronically using a website and email.

To make it easier to find information this section has been subdivided into a number of pages to group together items with a common theme. This section will continue to have items of a local nature. Please click on theses links to find information of interest to you.

CORONAVIRUS Advice is an a tab at the top of the page.

SCAMS Advice from police sources and elsewhere.

HEALTH Vaccination, hearing and other health issues.

TRANSPORT Bus changes, Railway station, A13, Lower Thames Crossing


Other information you may be interested in

U3A courses See also EVENTS Study days
The Essex Association of U3A’s is holding individual study days over the next six months. Tree Study Day, Advanced Genealogy, Geology

Tree study day
The second Study Day is “The Study of Trees at the Arboretum” to be held on Monday 11th May 2020 at Marks Hall, Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1TG. Please note the Marks Hall will be closed to the public on this day.

The Arboretum forms an enviable collection of trees originating from every temperate area of the world and miles of leafy woodland walks to explore and enjoy.
The day will begin at 10.30 am with the Senior Arborist taking you through the differing areas of the world’s trees.
Following the lecture, you will be free to explore and enjoy a picnic. (please bring your own lunch). The cost of the Day is £10.00 (there will not be food available to purchase on this day)

Please note that this day will be on uneven ground, it will also involve steps and grassed areas which may not be suitable for those with reduced mobility or wheelchair users.

Note that bookings are done via the "Essex Association of U3A's" website. Click Essex Association of U3A\'s to go the CONTACT page. Use the button “Barbara Thomas – Study Days” on the CONTACT page.

Corringham, Fobbing and Homesteads Community forum

Community Forums are independent community groups that have been developed as part of the Community Governance programme in Thurrock. There are 13 active Community Forums covering a number of communities in Thurrock and one of the real advantages of having a forum is that local people can have a say on issues or decisions that affect their community.

If you live within the Corringham, Fobbing and Homesteads Community forum area then this is the meeting for you. The forum meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30 in the Corringham Hall, Springhouse road. They have a website with more details.CFH Forum

If you live in another area of Thurrock you may have an active community forum which you may like to join Other Forums


Information from National Office

Free TV Licences for over-75s but this may change this year
Anyone of 75 or over can claim a free TV licence for their main address.
Apply online at over 75


Large Print Newsletters
For the last two months we have printed a few newsletters in A4 size with size 16 text for those members who have difficulty reading our handy sized versions. Only two members have put their names down to receive a copy in this format but they are both pleased with the larger versions. The son of one of them told one of our Executive Committee members how much easier his mother found reading it in large print format. The other member hand wrote a delightful letter of thanks to the Executive Committee telling them how much better the large version was for her.

If there is another member who would like to try the large size newsletter give one of the Executive Committee your name and one can be printed and saved for you.