What is art? It is difficult to define art. It may be defined as a wide range of human skills and emotions. The product is usually visual and may display political, social, cultural and religious issues as well as e.g. emotions, ideas and beliefs e.g Aboriginal art or the work of Faith Ringgold
What types of art are there? Art may be a painting, sculpture, pottery, music or one of the many other forms of art e.g. early Native American pottery depicting a horse or the sculptures seen in Newcastle streets
Of what use is art?Art helps the artist and viewer to express themselves and make sense of ideas or issues. It stimulates parts of the brain to make us think about what we see, touch or hear. It may help us understand situations, laugh, think differently or simply to enjoy the art for art's sake. The viewer may enjoy the beauty of art.Art is said to create beauty, harmony and truth. However, Picasso described art as a lie but gets us to become aware of truth.
Art may record history e.g. portraits of monarchs or 19th century factory workers.
Art teaches us about life and highlights situations others may face e.g. Art of the Spanish Civil War or posters about famine in Africa
Do I have to go to an art gallery to see art? Art is all around us from advertising to the shoes you wear. Look around you and see the many designs, shapes and colours of art.
Do I have to know something about art to appreciate it? Art can be enjoyed in many different ways. If you want to read further please refer to link 'How do I understand a painting?'