Membership Page

For your first application (for newly joining members ) click on the link below to download a form to fill in.

Application Form 2021-2022 (£20 per annum allows you to receive your monthly mailing by email, £28 to receive your monthly mailing by post.
Word version of Membership Application available by email. Ask for it by "Click to send a message!" through the contact envelope at the top right of this page.

If you would like to talk to someone about joining or come to meet people beforehand
ring the office 0191-230 4430, leave a message if no-one is there and someone will ring you back.

Affiliate Membership is available on provision of evidence of your current membership of another U3A, apply using the Membership Application form above.

If you want to renew your membership, which is due 1st April (but can be done anytime from 1st February), use the form below.