What can I find in this area? This is being created to help members during the Coronavirus crisis. However, it may be of support after the pandemic, too

We can offer

Humour - to bring a smile
Members' tips on getting thorough the days
Uplifting quotes
Quick and tasty comforting meals
To 'Positive Thinking' has been added 'Are you asking yourself the right questions?'and' Psychological Examples'. Keeping ourselves learning and adapting to the life during the Coronavirus
and more will be added


May 20th: In 'Positive Thinking' - 'Asking the Right Questions' and 'Psychological Examples'
May 28th: In 'Positive Thinking'- 'Try 1 or more of these each day',
May 28th:'Give yourself a smile activity'
June 3rd: 'Healthy Eating? PPT' this is a PPT in PDF. If you want the animated version, please contact me.

June 11th: in 'Mental Health': 'Stress Tips from 'MIND''
'Continuing Coping With Stress'
June 12th: in 'Exercise': Part 1: I have been unable to upload all 10 slides at once so I've had to decide Part 1 into 4 bite size pieces. It is an animated PPT
June 18th: In 'Tips to De-stress': 'Sample Daily Routine' and 'Blank Daily Routine' for you to try the activity


July 12th: In 'Mental Health' try the colouring pages. Very therapeutic. Two are mandalas. Look out for info coming soon about MANDALAS
'Learn to be kind to yourself' You deserve it!