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KEEP LEARNING: During the challenging days ahead for all of us, it's important to keep LEARNING.Since so many U3A groups across the country will not be meeting, Learning Online does help

Try Desert Island Paradise for a challenge at problem solving

There are several subpages to explore e.g History or The Recipe Exchange

New for April

April 14th: In 'Quickies' is 'Can You Interpret Text Language?'
April 19th: NEW: 'The Recipe Exchange has 2 new recipes and Gerald Williams' 'Italian Culture Recipes'
April 20th: NEW! In 'Art Online' and in 'Arts and Crafts' : 'Art Snapshot of Franz Messerschmidt'
In 'Esoterics' 'Session 7 Princess Scotia' 'Session 7 Princess Scotia Quiz'

New for May

May 2nd: From the Italian Culture Group Leader, and posted in 'Learn Online' 'Italian Culture', we have 'A Virtual tour...' of part of Italy accompanied by a great recipe, a list of wines and info about an Italian author. So, reading, wine and food ---GREAT!!
May 2nd: In'The Recipe Exchange', another Italian delicious recipe.
May 4th: 'Esoterics' - Dowsing Trees
May 5th: 'History' - A Short History of Domestic Violence'

May 12th: Italian Culture - Ancient Shores
May 13th: Quickies: What changed your expression?
May 14th: Quickies: What's for lunch?

May 16th: Learning to Learn (L2L) : Part 1 How Do We Learn?
May 17th: Esoterics: More fascinating items from Avril including 'Using L Rods', 'Princess Scotia', quizzes and lots more
May 24th: In 'History' : 'An Extraodinary Doctor' (PPT. This PPT has been fully animated but is PDF on this page) and 'An Extraordinary Doctor' slide 4 animated.


Why is it here? :Many members cannot attend meetings any more but want to continue to learn and be Newcastle U3A members. This area will try to support their continued learning.
What will be available? : We hope to have a variety of subjects and activities available. In addition, it should have some useful links to other online learning programmes.
We also hope to have a variety of reading lists for you and learning strategies from problem solving to word searches. It's all for you to choose what, when and where!

What do I do? : Read the resources and information posted and try them out.

Keep communicating with me by clicking the 'Click to send a message' on thhis page or using 'Contact' on the top ribbon. I am Catherine Stevenson,Chair of Newcastle U3A. You could also try
I look forward to your additions.

The page is slowly developing and I'll add to it soon.

Please let me know
i) Which activity you found best
ii) What you'd like to see posted

You can contact me, Catherine Stevenson, using this website- I am Chair of Newcastle U3A- or
The area will be password protected in the near future.

Other useful online learning resources: -- FREE online courses some of which are from universities. Usually they are short courses. A wide variety of subjects to choose from. It is owned by the Open University.

Have you signed up for the Third Age Trust monthly Newsletter? It's a great way to know what is going on in the wider U3A. Just go to the Trust website and scroll down the home page then it's easy to follow the instructions to receiving the Newsletter.

MOOCs#: Massive Online Open Courses. This is online open access to siny websites offering courses and many of these are free