Come and join us for friendship, enjoyment and finding out about whatever you happen to be interested in.

Thank you to all members past and present for all that you have done and are doing to make Newcastle U3A successful.


2019 is another exciting year for Newcastle U3A members. Why not VOLUNTEER for something? - Everything supports our U3A

A.G.M.: This was held on Wednesday 13th February 2019 at 2p.m. in Brunswick Methodist Hall
N.B. The 2018-2019 application forms are available to download on the Membership page. The forms have been updated to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation.

Want to try some groups before you join? As a prospective member, you may

come for up to 4 FREE taster sessions

You can come by arrangement to:-

  • 1 general meeting
  • 1 Coffee Morning
  • 1 new members' Drop-In, 4th Wednesday of every month at Pink Lane 2pm
  • and 1 group in our Pink Lane venue

before deciding whether you would like to join -
leave a message on 0191-230 4430 or email or use the Contact page to let us know you would like to come along.
Prospective members are welcome to visit Brunswick Hall, where we hold our general meeting 1:40 for a 2p.m. start on the second Wednesday in the month. Come to listen to a guest speaker, to talk to other members and have a cuppa and a biscuit. You will be welcomed at the door and one of the guides will find you a volunteer to talk to, if you wish.

We’ve got a variety of groups e.g. (Literature,Poetry, Philosophy and Ukulele). Find the activities of groups on the Groups page.
Some groups have a meal and chat before or after their meeting. Let us know that you'd like to come and give it a go!
If you have a disability, let us know and we'll explain what we can do or you can read the information on our website.

IMP DOC: important documents AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE

For :

Data Protection - THIS has been UPDATED to comply with the new GDPR

Your privacy is important to us so please read the reverse side of your membership application form and the leaflet provided,'G.D.P.R. Information for Members'. If you have a query, please ask at Pink Lane office.

* Insurance
* Walk Risk Assessment
* Venue Check List
* Incident/injury Report form

'Policies' for policies and procedures

Our address:
The Old Post Office
5 Pink Lane
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Telephone: 0191 230 4430

The wider U3A

U3A Regional E.G.M will be held on 30th January 2019 in Durham Indoor Bowling Centre at 10.30a.m.
Northumbria Region U3A For information about other U3As in the area - click Regional U3A website
National U3A : Lots of information, resources and ideas.
Virtual U3A#: : Housebound? Ill? Want to have contact with the U3A and learning? Try Virtual U3A