Lockdown restrictions have eased but what does that mean for us?
1. We should stay at home and only leave for essentials reasons such as food shopping and meet people from our household
2. We can meet with 5 other people and this could be in a park as well as a private garden. We must still remain 2 metres apart.
3. The government has also issued advice on what we SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be doing. These are not legal requirements but should be heeded:

  • If you have underlying health conditions and vulnerable (those who have been contacted by a G.P. or N.H.S.), you should still be avoiding all unnecessary contact.
  • The 'clinically vulnerable' that is those of us aged 70 and over, should also avoid unnecessary social contact.

Be wise in your decisions about your socialising.
If you are in any way unsure or have doubts, ask advice from medical professionals such as your G.P.
If you want the latest news and advice about Coronavirus, visit or get professional advice at your G.P.s' surgeries,N.H.S. online, pharmacies or telephone 111 etc.
The British government is issuing advice and updates frequently so KEEP SAFE and follow the advice to prevent the spread of the virus. We are also following the advice of the Third Age Trust.

Prospective Members' Taster Sessions Available

Looking for something worthwhile to do during the pandemic? Look no further! Learning is the key and we have it at Newcastle U3A. Try up to TWO taster sessions during lockdown.
How does it work? Using video conferencing through Zoom or similar means.
What is on offer? Several of our interest Group Leaders are welcoming prospective members to sessions. One Group Leader can offer a phone call to chat about the group's programme.
How can I have a taster session? Contact the Group Leader of the group in which you are interested. You can do this from the groups' page on this website. The Group Leader will give you the information you need. You can also email using the 'Contacts' page or email
Join in and enjoy the great learning in good company.


Supporting NEWCASTLE U3A: Thank you to members who have renewed membership for this year.
The major expenditure for Newcastle U3A is the rent and service charge for the rooms in Pink Lane. Unfortunately, the landlord is not prepared to make a concession on these charges so we have to continue to pay the full amount despite the reduction in income.
There is still a considerable number of members who have not renewed their subscriptions. Normally, renewals must be made by the end of May, two months into the subscription year.
The members who have not renewed, please do so as soon as possible.
Renewals will not be accepted after September when members who have not renewed will, regrettably, be deemed to have resigned and will no longer be eligible to attend meetings or receive monthly mailing.
Normally, new members who join from October onwards receive concession of 50% of the subscription. This concession will NOT be available to existing members.
Anyone wishing to renew their membership should either:
Pay by bank transfer to
Barclays Bank, Gosforth.
Details are in June's and July's Newsletters
or contact the Membership Secretary ( use Contact page)
Renewal Subscriptions:
Email or collection £20
By post £27
Affiliates £16

We want to keep in communication with all our members so please read the webpage, Facebook and your monthly mailing. In addition, you will receive several messages either by email or post to update you with information. Also, our support team is working to contact members regularly.
Learn how to use Facetime, Facebook, Facebook live video or Zoom to be able to see and speak to your family, friends and U3A friends. Instructions on the Third Age Trust website
Try the online learning programmes that our website now has. YOUR IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS TO POST ON THESE PROGRAMMES WILL BE APPRECIATED

Communicating with members

We have reduced the number of members who received hard copies of the monthly mailing by snail mail. Many members have now chosen to have it by email. Thank you to those members as it cuts costs, time and it means we can reach more members quickly. For those members who do not use email or the internet, we are trying to communicate with them by post and phone and maybe, now that restrictions have eased, visiting by observing social distancing.

Post Pandemic Information For Prospective Members


Once we have resumed meetings, you can enjoy all that Newcastle U3A has to offer
Come and join us for learning,friendship, enjoyment and finding out about whatever you happen to be interested in.

Want to try some groups before you join? As a prospective member, you may

come for up to 4 FREE taster sessions

You can come by arrangement to:-

  • 1 general meeting: 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • 1 Coffee Morning: 3rd Friday of the month
  • 1 new members' Drop-In, 4th Wednesday of every month at Pink Lane 2pm
  • and 1 group in our Pink Lane venue

Before deciding whether you would like to join -
leave a message on 0191-230 4430 (but during the pandemic) or email or use the Contact page to let us know you would like to come along.

We’ve got a variety of groups e.g. (Literature,Poetry, Philosophy and Ukulele). Find the activities of groups on the Groups page.
Let us know that you'd like to come and give it a go!
If you have a disability, let us know and we'll explain what we can do or you can read the information on our website.

NEEDED!! We'd like to video record some of our monthly meetings and group meetings to post on this website. Could you help us, please?

Our address:
The Old Post Office
5 Pink Lane
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Telephone: 0191 230 4430

The wider U3A

Northumbria Region U3A For information about other U3As in the area and regional meetings - click Regional U3A website
National U3A : Lots of information, resources and ideas.
Learn Online and Virtual U3A: : Housebound? Ill? Want to have contact with the U3A and learning?
Try Virtual U3A or the button at the top of this page, 'Learn Online'