Art exhibitions and reading

Art exhibitions
Laing Art Gallery : Until June: 'Modern Visionaries: Van Dyck'
Quentin Blake, illustrator
Tate Gallery : until May - David Hockney
April- October : 'Queer British Art
Royal Academy of Art: until April 17 : 'Revolution:Russian Art'
Scottish Art Galleries: 'Beyond Caravaggio' from June 17th.

#News concerning 'Mona Lisa' painting:
Scientists believe they are close to identifying the model for this painting. DNA tests have been done on three exhumed female bodies. Some believe that the results will prove Lisa Gherardini to be the model.Scientists have discovered numbers and letters painted into the eyes with LV appearing in the right eye.

  • Picasso's ,Women of Algiers' has been sold for $179.4 millions! (May 11th 2015)

Interesting web sites to be the model.
Exciting exhibition coming to the Laing Art Gallery : .
Look out for new exhibitions with Northumbria University. I'll keep you posted.