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Welcome to Mawdesley & Neighbouring Villages U3A.

Charity number: 1128556

Arrangements during Covid-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately there can be no physical indoor meetings for Groups until Government Restrictions allow indoor meetings, and then the arrangements will vary depending on the size and nature of the Groups.

Some groups have continued to meet virtually, others have kept in touch electronically, and as restrictions ease a little some, for example Golf, are able to meet in a restricted way. The individual Group pages have been updated where information has been provided, and the Group Page is updated with the current situation as National Office advice changes.

Two new pages have been set up to keep members informed during the time when the weekly Wednesday Community Morning cannot be held. Useful Links and Light Relief.

Useful Links: This page has links to the latest information from the Government and National Office as well as links to sites that members might find useful to keep you busy or entertained whilst we can't meet. It also contains information about local support.

Light Relief: This page has messages/jokes/quizes from the Chair and other members to keep up members' spirits.

Email Newsletter: This is sent twice weekly to all members who have provided email addresses. It contains messages from Group Leaders and links for sites and up to date information on links and services that might be of interest to members, also quizzes and other puzzles. If you are a member and are not receiving this newsletter then please use the link to the Web Page Editor on the Contact Page of this web site.

When there is news on possible re-opening of face to face meetings this will be included in the Newsletter and Notices on this page.


Whether you were looking for something specific or just exploring the internet, now that you have found this page we hope you will linger and explore the rest of the site. Take your time, the U3A is about relaxing, enjoying and frequently learning, in the company of friendly, like minded people of a certain age. We are all retired or semi-retired and like to be described as mature, experienced adults with a huge vitality and zest for life. One new member described us as a 'youth club for grown ups' and that, we hope you agree, creates an exciting image.

When you explore a little further you will find a huge variety of groups, activities, trips and events to suit all tastes. If you do not find what you are interested in then, join us and start a new group; you will very soon meet other people with a similar passion. The U3A is essentially a self-help organisation, flourishing through the willingness of individuals to lead groups and provide opportunities.

Interested in Joining?

Joining is very easy. Every Wednesday morning, between 10.15 a.m. and 11.45 a.m., we hold a Community Morning at the Mawdesley Village Hall, Mawdesley, Lancashire L40 2QT where you can find details of all the groups and meet many of the leaders. Tea or coffee is available for a small fee and, in a pleasant, social atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to talk to some of the 800+ members. As there is a designated 'Welcome Table' for new or recently joined members there is no need to feel uncomfortable about being alone. You can sit and have a drink and a chat with the Welcome Team and/or other new members. This table can also be used by members who are on their own and feel they need the company of a friendly face.

When you arrive for the first time you will be introduced to someone on the Welcome Desk who will explain how we are organised and answer any questions you may have. We will not ask for your £10 membership fee until you are sure you wish to join us.

If you want to try a taster session at one of the groups, we can arrange that. Once you become a member you can join as many groups as you wish. Most groups make a small charge to cover the room hire and refreshments.

Details of how to find us are on the attached link.

If you would like to know more about the U3A then you could visit the National U3A web site using the link or contact us by e-mail.