A very warm welcome to Leicester U3A

Leicester U3A, founded in 1996, is a voluntary, self-help organisation, part of a world-wide movement of people interested in life-long learning.

On Wednesday 2nd June 2021 it was National u3a Day. Please click on the special presentation of videos below to showcase Leicester u3a, its interest groups, and social activities.

1Spotlight On Leicester u3a
2A Tour of Leicester with Leicester u3a Digital Photography
3Leicester u3a Needlework and Knitting
4Spotlight on Leicester u3a Groups and Activities
5Spotlight on More Groups and Activities

Thank you for viewing our special presentation! Wednesday 2nd June 2021 was National u3a Day - but any day is a good day to join...

Leicester u3a!

સ્વાગતcroesoخوش آمدیدwelcomeਸਵਾਗਤwitamyأهلا بكbienvenidoस्वागतfáilte
  • Leicester U3A is for those retired from full-time employment (Third Agers).
  • We are a community of people from all walks of life.
  • We are committed to self help, life long learning, without distinction between teachers and learners; we are far from being a formal academic organisation.
  • We meet in Interest Groups to share our hinterland of knowledge and experience. These groups are the engines of self help learning.
  • We are non-political and a secular, but not secularist, organisation.
સ્વાગતcroesoخوش آمدیدwelcomeਸਵਾਗਤwitamyأهلا بكbienvenidoस्वागतfáilte
  • We are always eager for new members to join us and we seek to be inclusive.
  • Membership is open to all who are retired from full time employment, regardless of disability, race, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion or belief.
  • As a member, you will meet many like-minded - and perhaps some unlike-minded - people and you will make new friends.
  • Join us for only £15 a year by downloading the subscription form and sending it to the Membership Secretary, to whom enquiries may also be addressed (see also the Contact page).
સ્વાગતcroesoخوش آمدیدwelcomeਸਵਾਗਤwitamyأهلا بكbienvenidoस्वागतfáilte

You will also find information on our website about:

  • Monthly Meetings, where you hear a good speaker and socialise with friends (Events);
  • trips and excursions (Events);
  • members' coffee mornings (Events);
  • a Sunday Lunch group;
  • technical help: help - computer and help - digital photography; and,
સ્વાગતcroesoخوش آمدیدwelcomeਸਵਾਗਤwitamyأهلا بكbienvenidoस्वागतfáilte

Come along to one of our Monthly Meetings (2.30pm - doors open at 2.00pm, second Tuesday of each month, except August and December) as a visitor. We'd love to meet you there (Christchurch, 105a Clarendon Park Road, LE2 3AH).

A member of the hospitality team will make sure you feel welcome.

Or come as a visitor to one of our Coffee Mornings (10.15-12:00, third Tuesday of each month, Quaker Meeting House, 16 Queens Road, LE2 1WP).