We are always eager for new members to join us and we seek to be inclusive. However, due to the current Coronavirus situation which prevents us from holding any physical meetings, not all those events offered will be available. Anyone joining now will have membership until the end of 2021. Just contact the Membership Secretary if you wish to discuss this. We currently have around 400 members.

To join, simply download a subscription form and send it to us.

This page is intended principally for members. But people interested in joining us will also be able to find:

  • recent Newsletters

Our policies, including those on Data Protection and Data Management and our complaints procedure, have been moved to a separate page under the Policies tab.

Coronavirus Advice

For the latest advice from the Third Age Trust please click on Coronavirus advice


Minutes of the Committee of Leicester U3A for recent meetings

Committee Minutes 30 January 2019Committee Minutes 20 February 2019Committee Minutes 25 March 2019
Committee Minutes 29 May 2019Committee Minutes 25 June 2019Committee Minutes 21 August 2019
Committee Minutes 24 September 2019Committee Minutes 30 October 2019Committee Minutes 26 November 2019
Committee Minutes 28 January 2020Committee Minutes 25 February 2020Committee Minutes 10 March 2020
Committee Minutes 25 June 2020Committee Minutes Composite to Jan 2021Committee Minutes 19 January 2021
Committee Minutes 9 February 2021Committee Minutes 23 February 2021Committee Minutes 30 March 2021
Committee Minutes 27 April 2021Committee Minutes 11 May 2021Committee Minutes 25 May 2021
Committee Minutes 29 June 2021Committee Minutes 21 July 2021Committee Minutes 31 August 2021
Committee Minutes 28 September 2021Committee Minutes 26 October 2021Committee Minutes 22 February 2022
Committee Minutes 8 March 2022

Minutes of the AGMs of Leicester U3A

AGM Minutes 2020


The Newsletter contains information about forthcoming events and meetings as well as reports of our recent activities. Members who require a Contacts Sheet should request one from the Membership Secretary.

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RUMS - really useful members - take responsibility for various functions of Leicester U3A. They may be contacted by clicking on the job title of the person you wish to email.

Karen ClossNewsletter Editor
Ros DevineLocal Theatre Trips
Elizabeth HassallIllness/Sympathy Cards
Keith PyneSpeaker Organiser
Sandra BarkerAll Members Coffee Mornings
Neil TaylorTrips Coordinator