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The Wyvern Around Leicester - contributed by Angela Jennings

The Wyvern is a winged dragon-like, mythical creature with 2 legs and a barbed serpent tail.

It was incorporated into the coat of arms of Leicester City in 1619. The Wyvern was the crest of Thomas Crouchback, more commonly referred to as Thomas of Lancaster, who lived in the early fourteenth century and was a powerful earl of five cities including Leicester.

You can see the Wyvern all over Leicester on roof tops, carved into walls, on weather vanes, and atop wrought iron gates. It is worth going on a Wyvern hunt to see how many you can spot.

Wyvern One Wyvern Two Wyvern Three
Wyvern Four Wyvern Five Wyvern Six
Wyvern Seven Wyvern Eight Wyvern Nine

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