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The recently started Modern Art & Architecture Group which meets on Zoom are looking for additional members. Contact Group Liaison for more info.

Is your group active? We want to share your story/photo/zoom screen shot with all our membership. Email Website Administrator from the contact page.

We appreciate that most groups have maintained contact between members and quite a few groups have been active in one form or another. Below are just two of the stories, we would really like to hear yours.

Item 1
"Prior to the onset of the Covid-19 virus and subsequent lockdown, the Digital Photography 1 group would meet each month to view and appraise the photographs taken for that month's project, possibly view some videos relevant to future projects, and discuss various aspects of photography that may be of interest.

Since the imposition of the lockdown, the group has continued to function, but instead of our monthly meetings, we have sent our photos to each of the group members who have been able to vote for the three pictures that most appeal to them, and the member with the most votes declared "Photographer of the Month".

Projects tackled during this period have included "Bikes and motorbikes", "The colour red (or some other colour)", "Time", "Covid-19", "Water", "Things that grow (flowers, trees, plants, etc.)", "Local places", "Reflections" and "Personal Selections".

"Projects selected for 2021 include "Cooking/Food/Utensils", "Gadgets", "Music", "Springtime", "Hats/People wearing them", "Unusual views of the usual", "Ugly", " A Colour", "Old/Heirlooms", "Weather", "Seasons", "Personal theme".

The photographs submitted can be viewed via the attached link.

Link to photographs

Item 2
Thursday Wine Tasting Group No 2
There are eight members in our group and before the onset of lockdown we met once a month on a Thursday. We purchased two bottles of either red or white wine from various countries and had 50 ml of tasters in a glass. We made our comments on the wine as to colour, grape variety, taste on palate and what type of meal you would have with it.
Once a year we had a BBQ in summer, and winter dinner at a member’s house. Each member was tasked to bring either a starter or dessert and a selection of cheese and chocolates. The main meal is cooked by the host with the wine mainly being red, with a dessert wine & port to drink with the cheese.

Wine Group 2 Lockdown means we are not able to meet in person, so we have a weekly Zoom meeting. We drink our own wines and tell the others all about it. It is very sociable for the 40 minutes duration. Here is a screen shot of us of one of our meeting. It goes to show that group activities can continue while we have social distancing rules in place

It must be said that this way does not have the same personal connection as meeting sociably, but it is a good way with Zoom allowing us to continue to keep the group and its members connected