Rowing Terms & Instructions

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1. Boat & Crew Organisation

* Crew Stroke, stbd aft; No.2, port; No.3, stbd; Bow, port for’d. All wearing life-jackets
* Spare crew Spare bow; spare cox’n.
* Load 4 oars; 4 rowlocks; 2 paddles; 1 bailer; 1 sponge
* Place oars2 stbd (1 blades aft, 1 for’d) & 2 port (1 aft, 1 for’d) Oars ready for easy handling
* Bow & No.3Face for’d; 1 each side. Paddle out of cut; Then stow paddles. Turn to face aft

2. Preparation for Rowing - Carry out each step (below) working together, as a team

* "Ship Rowlocks"Insert with “U” athwartships
* "Check Oars"Check oar positions:- 2 x Aft oars - blade aft; 2 x For’d oars - blade for’d
* "Blades Out"Lift blade outboard, rest them on gun’l, inboard of rowlocks
* "Fit Oars"Lift loom of oar into rowlocks; Keep blade & loom as above
* "Ready Oars"Slide oar outwards; then rotate looms so oars lie at 90’ across boat
* "Out Oars"Slide out until collar is in rowlocks, blades flat

3. Rowing Orders by Cox’n Don't be shy; don't mumble; don't ask; Give ORDERS!

*Stand-byExtend arms; bend from waist towards stern of boat; turn blade vertical.
*Give way -TOGETHER! (Stress on “TOGETHER!) Follow these four steps:-
* 1 Full blade just below surface, lean back from waist, row with stomach
* 2 Pull oar firmly, complete stroke with arms, pull until loom reaches chest
* 3 Sit upright, press down on loom to raise blade, rotate blade to horizontal
* 4 Lean forwards to return to the “stand-by” position. (See above)
**1,*2,*3,*4 Repeat steps as above; Crew ALWAYS take their timing from stroke

4. Turning - You should row on the right of the river; Turns are therefore usually to the left (port)

*"Hold Water, Port (or Stbd) - 2 oars stationary in water; other 2 give way; - to turn quickly
*"Back Water, Port (or Stbd) - 2 oars push not pull; other 2 give way; - to turn on the spot

5. Resting - or waiting for another vessel to get clear

*"Oars"– Stop rowing; oars held at 90"; blades flat; - Allows boat to drift with the tide/wind
*"Hold Water - all" - Keep oars steady in the water; To keep boat stationary
*"Rest On Your Oars" - Resting; oars slid inboard; To let crew rest, oars across both gun’ls.
*"Out Oars" - To continue; oars slid out until leather is in rowlocks; blades flat.

6. Berthing – ALWAYS berth into the tidal flow; if slack water berth into the breeze

*"Oars"– Stop rowing; oars held at 90’; blades flat
*"Trim Oars"- Aft oars, swing blades aft; For’d oars, swing blades for’d.
*"In Oars" - Lift oars from rowlocks; rest on gun’l inboard.
*"Stow Oars" - Slide oars to fit inside boat; Aft slide oars for’d; For’d slide oars aft;
*"Stand-by" - Bow & Stroke stand and prepare take lines ashore or connect to wall.

7. "Man Overboard!" ** DO NOT PANIC **

*Casualty“HELP!” Assume recovery position. If safe and competent, make for nearest bank.
*Cox’n“Man Overboard (Port/Stbd)”.
*BowmanStand; Throw flotation/oar; Point at casualty; Keep eyes on him; Do nothing else._
*Cox’n“Row on”; 1 to 2 x lengths past casualty; Depends on tide and room to manoeuvre
*Cox'n“Back water, port” Turn; Approach into tide. Bring to port side;
*Cox'n“Oars”; Bring casualty to port quarter; Stroke & Cox’n recover him.

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