Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meeting: 17 June 2020
Start Time: 10.30 am
Venue: TBA
Talk: TBA

This is your opportunity to meet with other U3A members and to find out more about any of our interest Groups; members of the committee will be available to assist with any queries.

Monthly meetings take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in The Public Hall in Smallgate, Beccles. Doors open at 9.45am and refreshments are served until 10.20am. The meeting is called to order at 10.30am when the Chairperson carries out any Business. This is followed by a Guest Speaker. For more information on the varied programme of talks please visit Monthly Talk

Virtual Committee Meeting 2 April 2020

Ten members of the Committee met together Thursday evening to discuss what had been happening during March, the impact this will have on the rest of the year and how we keep in touch with members. No we didn’t have a clandestine meeting in a bar somewhere flouting the current instructions re lock down and distancing. We used one of the many video call apps (Zoom in this case but others are available). It worked extremely well and is an excellent means of talking to more than one person and being able to see them. A couple of people knew slightly more than the rest of us but we all connected into the meeting quite easily. This would be a great tool for groups whose members have wifi to keep in touch. One committee member had enjoyed virtual yoga over one of these apps during the morning with 32 other people. There is guidance on our web site and on line as to how to join a few of these apps.

Amongst the discussion there was enthusiasm for a group of people to initiate telephone conversations with those members who may need to talk to people. Some are already offering to play a part in that. The challenge is finding the people we need to talk to. Not easy to ring 797 members!

We had a brief discussion regarding membership fees in the light of monthly meetings and group meetings being cancelled. Group meetings are financed where necessary through the groups themselves. The monthly meeting is now free to members but we are saving the costs of speakers, room hire and refreshments. Some costs of course go up. Postage costs for refunds on trips, newsletter printing and postage costs. We won’t offer a refund on this year due to the time and cost of writing out and sending off 700 cheques. We all felt we should review the situation later in the year when we will know more and whether we can offer a fee reduction for 2021.

Around 240 members haven’t renewed their membership as yet which is typical for the time of year. Many of course would do so at the monthly meetings but cannot at the moment. The only real option is to post the forms to Jim Savage at the address on the paperwork. You can enclose a cheque or pay through the bank if you are into that sort of thing.

Although for good reasons the meetings are cancelled, we are still open with the website and newsletters keeping you in touch with things and Group Convenors trying to offer an alternative experience or keep in touch with Group Members.

Monthly Talks

Wed 20 May 2020 - David Murton Astronomy for Beginners
Wed 17 June 2020 - Sally Dearman Changing from flying fighters to helicopters
Wed 15 July 2020 - Jim Graver The Big Issue
Wed 19 August 2020 - Robert Tilney Antiques Roadshow
Wed 16 September 2020 - Joy Hawkins - Medieval ideas on Contraception and Conception
Wed 21 October 2020 - Wendy Smith - A Linesperson at Wimbledon
Wed 18 November 2020 - Stephen Ashworth - Kitchen Chemistry
Wed 9 December 2020 Christmas programme yet to be finalised