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Page last updated 10 July 2020

Monthly Meeting: 15 July 2020
Venue: YouTube
Talk: Ben Witchell - Flint Vineyard

Policies and Procedures

To read Beccles U3A policies and procedures please go to the Useful Info page

Virtual July 2020 Monthly Meeting

For our July meeting we are very pleased to be joined by Ben Witchell from Flint Vineyards in Earsham who will be speaking to us live on YouTube. Ben's talk, "An Introduction to Flint Vineyard", will cover his “education” in the wine business, the establishment of his vineyard, the steps involved in wine making and his plans for the future. You should have noticed by now that this meeting will start at 2.00 pm, not our usual 10.30 am. To watch the meeting go to Virtual July 2020 Monthly Meeting - an accompanying glass of wine is optional!

If the revised time doesn't work for you, then you can click on the link later and watch the presentation at your leisure.

2 July 2020 Evening Meeting

If you missed the July evening meeting, it is still available on YouTube at July Evening Live Stream

Latest News

Group Grants - Although some groups have continued to meet during lockdown, either to continue their interest or just to chat socially, others have found it difficult. We have established a new, short term grant of up to £150 to help groups continue with their activities or to kickstart them. If you are a convenor or an active member of a group and you would like to get going again then please consider applying. Guidance notes and an application form are available on the Groups page.

Virtual Committee Meeting - June 2020

Virtual committee meeting via Zoon

  • Present: Graham Jermyn (Chair), Carole Moore (Treasurer), Janet Lloyd (Group Support 3), Pippa Holliday (Group Support 1), Lacey Baxter (Group Expenses), Jim Savage (Membership Secretary), Pauline Kettless (Committee member), Mary Wright (Business Secretary), Paul Gurbutt (Vice Chair) and Mu Gurbutt (Committee member), Carol Blanc (Committee member), Steve Blackburn (Committee member), Rosemary Kerridge (Committee member), Diane Dungate (Minutes Secretary)
  • Unable to attend were John Matthews (Group Support 2) and Kathy Hussein (Group Support 5)
  • Monthly meeting on 17th June - Sally Dearman will be the speaker and her talk will be titled “From Fast Jet to Wobbly Head”.
  • Agreed to trial and evening session in between Monthly meetings. The first one will be on Thursday 2nd July and will include a speaker talking about Beccles Lido followed by a quiz.
  • The Group Grant system has been in place for a couple of years and helped a number of groups during that time. We agreed that we would introduce a further temporary grant to help groups either continue during the lockdown period or to get going again. A small group will look at how this might work but could include funding for Zoom membership which is a popular audio visual app allowing group members to talk to and see each other. It is already being used by several groups but the free version is time limited to 40 minutes. Further ideas will emerge soon.
  • We tentatively committed to holding the AGM at the September monthly meeting. We will work out how nearer the time.
  • We are now using a system called MailChimp to email all members. It enables us to be a little more creative in our emails and to obtain feedback on how many are opened so we can refine our communications approach. A lot of people have opened the few we have sent so far (AGM postponement, notification of June monthly Meeting), but many haven’t. There could be several reasons - people delete emails they don’t recognise, they may go in the spam or junk box or people aren’t interested in emails generally. Have a look in your junk or spam box and move them to your normal inbox if you want to receive them regularly.

Beccles U3A Phone Buddy Scheme

If you wish to join then ring the U3A phone 07835 509773 or ring Lyn on 01502 717696. (See home page for details)

Outings Sadly we have received notification that the Waveney Stardust will not be running at all this year. Perhaps we should all join the Fun Rowing group instead?

Group updates I've just had a quick scan through some of the group pages and have been delighted to see how many are continuing with their activities from a safe distance. Well done to all of you.

If you haven't checked in with your group for a while, take a look, you may be in for a surprise.

Margaret's Isolation Quiz - Margaret's first nine quizzes can be found by following the link to Isolation Quizzes.

Isolation Quiz 14 Answers
Isolation Quiz 15 - Silent beginnings. Margaret said this one shouldn't be too difficult!

An Introduction to Flint Vineyard