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Evening Meeting: Thursday 5 November 2020
Start Time: 7.30pm
Venue: YouTube
Talk - Tracy Mackness - The Giggly Pig Co. plus quiz

Monthly Meeting Thursday 1st October: Prof. John Shepherd - Climate Change

A message from Graham: My apologies that technology let us down today (October 21st) - the sound quality for Professor John Shepherd was extremely poor. It was pointless continuing once it became almost impossible to hear him.

Whilst we had him, we took the opportunity to try again and record his talk so we could make it available for people to watch in their own time but the same sound issues remained.

Despite the gremlins, John remains happy to try again once we can agree a date and we are confident that our live streaming provider has resolved the problems or we have sourced another.

Evening Talk - 16 September 2020

Jill and Richard Bussien took us through what is involved in training a Guide Dog Puppy and how the visually impaired are helped not just through guide dogs but also through the help and support of sighted people. To watch this again and find out how you can support Guide Dogs for the Blind, please go to Monthly Talks


Our thanks and congratulations to Margaret for sharpening our brains and keeping us entertained for the past half year.

Margaret's first twenty six quizzes can be found by following the link to Isolation Quizzes.

Isolation Quiz 29 answers
Isolation Quiz 30 - Words beginning with 2 Ps.

Something a bit easier this week (I hope). Next week’s could be a bit more challenging!Have a good week. Margaret