Previous Walks Programmes

Alnwick U3A Walks Programme for 2020
Parts of the programme maybe provisional or in outline with further detail to be added.


Date.Description (DF = Dog Friendly. See notes at end of programme*)Meeting place/parking place Miles Leader
Jan. 22nd DF Bamburgh Circular walk with belated Christmas lunch. Around Village Green NU179 348 7 Adrian
Jan. 29thDFWannie Line Walk from Scots Gap.Walk can be extended.Small CP behind the old boarded up National Trust Offices, NZ037 8646.5-10Julie/Peter
Feb.13th .Ingram Valley Meet CP Ingram NU017 16311Rodger
Feb. 26thDFAshington Meet 'Guide Post' bridge NZ273 8609 Josie
March 11th.Wooler CommonCar park NT976 27210 Mike
March 25th .Thropton Woods Main CP.NU850 9799 Jane
April 8th. Rothbury Terraces Riverside CP NU057 016? Rodger
April 22th. Ford & EtalLayby on B6353, NT949 37610 Mike
April 29thDF St Cuthbert’s Cave CP behind Holburn Grange NU051 3518 Julie/Peter
May 13th.Windy Gyle Wedder Leap CP NT866 103 9.5Rodger
May 27th.Wooler Common/Yeavering Bell Main car park NT 976 27210+ Mike
June 10th DFPowburn NU061 166? Josie
June 24th .Holy Island Pay & Display CP NU126 4245-6 Jane
July 8th. The 2 Tors Hethpool CP NT894 281 10 Mike
July 22nd.Hethpool/Black Hag/Pennine Way NT894 28210 Jane
July 29th.The Cheviot/Hen HoleLangley Ford NT954 22511+ Mike/Rodger
August 12th.Hartside/High Cantle Hartside Fm, GR975 162 8 Jane
August 26thDFHepple/Holystone circularNT982 003 7.5 Josie
Sept. 9th DF Brizlee Wood Radar StationEntrance to Hulne Park NU180 1376.5Pat
Sept. 23rd. Simonside HillsCP by Rothbury riverside NU057 016 11 Mike
Sept. 30th. Cornhill, Tillmouth and Muggers Loan Waste ground near roundabout NT860 394 or on main road near post office and village shop 9Mike
October 14th.Thropton to Cartington CP or road over the bridge NU030 022 7 Adrian
October 28thDF High Buston NU239 092? Josie
Nov. 11thDF Low Newton-by-the-Sea free CP right hand side High Newton NU235 251 9Julie/Peter
Nov. 25th.Beadnell to Monks House Beadnell Bay CP NU234 2879-10 Adrian
Dec. 9th. Bolam Circular, Shaftoe CragsSt Andrew’s Church NZ093 8268.5 Jane
Dec. 16thDF Warkworth/Almouth Meet first CP Beach Rd (nearest chapel) NU246064? Pat
Date Alnwick U3A Walks Programme for 2019
January 23rd Bamburgh – meet around the village green – approx. 6 miles
January 30th Thropton to Cartington – meet in carpark over the river 030 022 approx. 7 miles – Ian to lead
February 13th Ford & Etal – meet in the layby on B6353 NT949 376 – approx. 10 miles – Mike to lead
February 27th Seahouses Farm 258 174 – circular walk – approx. 8 miles - Ian to lead
March 13th Thrunton to Coe Crag – meet main car park - 085 097 approx. 8 miles Ian to lead
March 27th Wooler Common – main car park NT976 272 – approx. 10 miles Mike to lead
April 10th Walkworth to Guyzance circular – meet at Stanners car park – approx 8.5 miles – Josie to lead
April 24th Simonside Hills – meet in car park by the Rothbury riverside NU057 015 approx. 11 miles – Mike to lead
May 8th Cornhill, Tillmouth and Muggers Loan – meet on waste ground near roundabout NT860 394 or on main road near post office and village shop - approx. 9 miles – Mike to lead
May 22nd Four Forts – meet at Hethpool car park 894 281 – approx. 8 miles Jane to lead
May 29th Kyloe Hill & St Cuthberts Cave – meet at car park at Holburn Grange NU051 351 – approx. 12 miles – Mike to lead
June 12th Holy Island MEET AT 09.15 at Snook car park 106 435 – Ian to lead
June 26th Windy Gyle – meet at Slyme Foot 859 115 – approx. 9 miles – Moira to lead
July 10th Eglingham Blaewearie circular – meet Eglingham cross roads 105 195 approx 8 miles – Jane to lead
July 24th Alwinton circular – meet Alwinton car park 921 065 (length weather dependant) 8 – 10 miles – Jane to lead
July 31st Wooler, Tom Tallons Crag and St. Cuthberts Way – meet Wooler Info. Centre car park 989 282 – approx. 8.5miles – Jane to lead
August 14th The Two Tors – meet at Hethpool car park 894 281 – approx. 10 miles Moira to lead
August 28th Hedgehope and Threestoneburn – meet at Langleeford NT954 225 approx. 11 miles – Mike to lead
September 11th Hartside to High Cantle – meet at Hartside Farm 976 162 – approx. 8 miles – Moira to lead
September 25th Hepple to Holystone circular – meet at NT982003, go via Sharperton - approx. 7.5 miles – Josie to lead
October 9th Hulne Park Blue Route – meet at entrance to Hulne Park NU180 137 approx 8 miles – Mike to lead
October 23rd Branton to Ingram circular – meet at Branton Nature Reserve car park 049 166 – approx. 8 miles – Roger to lead
October 30th Mitford circular – park at Church on roadside 169 855 – approx. 8 – 9 miles – Jane to lead
November 13th Brizlee Wood Radar Station – meet at entrance to Hulne Park NU180 137 – approx. 6.5 - 8 miles – Mike to lead
November 27th Amble circular – meet at Marina car park, NU262048 – approx. 8 miles – Josie to lead
December 11th Rothbury Terraces – park at Rothbury Riverside car park 057 015 approx 7.5 miles – Jane to lead
Date Alnwick U3A Walks Programme for 2018
January 10 Howick meet at Howick car park, lunch Cottage Inn 5 miles
January 24 Bamburgh park in the village 6 miles
January 31 Rothbury Carriage way Car park by the river 7 miles
February 14 Powburn to Beanley birding car park 8 miles
February 28 Thropton to Cartington park by the river Thropton 7 miles
March 14 Thrunton woods main car park 7 miles
March 28 Bolam Lake – Shaftoe Crags main car park 6 miles
April 11 Fontburn reservoir park fishing huts park 7miles Ian
April 25 S. Middleton to Three stoneburn park S Middleton 8 miles
May 9 Tosson Hill Forest car park 7 miles
May 23 Calcroft – Clattering path park at White Bridge Slyne ford 9 miles
May 30 Prendwick – Chesters park at Prendwick 8 miles
June 13 Lamden Valley park at Langlee Ford Moira
June 27 Hartside-High Cantle park roadside
July 11 Langlee-Housey crags park Langlee
July 25 Windy Gyle park at White bridge Slyne ford
August 8 Wooler Common circular park Wooler common 9 miles
August 22 Four Forts park Hethpool.
August 29 Biddleston park roadside near quarry
September 12 Holy Island Snook car park 7 miles
September 26 Eglingham-Blaweary park roadside Eglingham
October 10 Longframlington-Edlingham park layby A697 Moira.
October 24 Seaton Sluice park roadside Holywell 8 miles
October 31 Cheswick-Spital park Cheswick 7 miles
November 14 Warkworth-Alnwick bus from Alnwick 7 miles
November 28 Low Newton-Beadnel park roadside near tin church 8 miles
December 12 Alnwick-Denwick meet Springfield Meadow 8 miles
Date Alnwick U3A Walks Programme for 2017
January 11 Bamburgh meet in the village. Lunch at 1.0p.m.
January 25 Thrunton Woods main car park
February 8 Low Newton to Beadnell park near tin church
February 22 Simonside Forestry car park
March 8 Holystone - Ray
March 22 Fontburn resevoir
March 29 Wooler to Tom Tallon meet Wooler Common car park
April 12 Hethpool 2 Tors
April 26 Chillingham park beyond the church 5 miles Mod
May 10 Eglingham – Beanley park near Eglingham church 8 miles Mod
May 24 Wooler – Fowberry park A 697 at Wooler 6 Miles Mod
May 31 Belford park at old Community Centre 9.5miles Mod
June 14 Ray to select to be decided
June 28 Biddleston park near quarry 7 miles Mod.
July 12 Hethpool – Eccles Cairn in reverse 7 miles hard
July 26 Hartside – High Cantle park in roadside 8 miles hard
August 9 Windy Gyle park beyond Barrowburn 10 miles hard
August 23 Tosson Hill Rothbury park Forest car park Moira 8 miles Mod.
August 30 North Middleton – Broadstruther. Park roadside 10 miles Mod
September 13 Ingram Horse shoe park forest car park Moira
September 27 Alnham- Pigdons Leap park at Church 7 miles mod
October 11 Prendwick-Ingram-Chester park Prendwick farm 7 miles mod
October 25 Warkworth – Hauxley park cemetry park Alan G 7 miles easy
November 8 Howick- Dunstanburgh park Seahouses Farm 8 miles easy
November 22 Cheswick – Spital 6 miles easy
November 29 Warkworth – Alnwick meet Market place 7 miles easy
December 13 Thropton-Cartington-Thropton 6miles mod.