Alnwick U3A has joined with the three other U3As in the north of Northumberland, that is Berwick, Wooler and Coquetdale, to form a network. This means that members of our U3A can participate in the activities of these U3As. While each U3A will continue to give preference to their own members, this provides an opportunity to come together to pursue interests that might not make a viable group in any one U3A. We might also be able to join together for outings and holidays.

This network was only set up in 2016, so if you have any suggestions for joint activities, please get in touch with the U3A Network Co-ordinator. See Yellow Booklet for contact details.

LINKS – also see the links on this page which show on the right of a computer browser or at the bottom of the page on a phone.

The links may include fliers of details received from the 3 other U3As promoting events where Alnwick U3A have been invited to attend.

Network Contacts:
Existing Members refer to Yellow Booklet.
Potential New Members click on the ‘Contact’ menu above