Monthly Meetings, Outings & Trips


Monthly meetings usually take place on the third Thursday of each month at 2 pm.

Venue: Main Hall, St Michael’s Church Hall, junction of Canongate/Walkergate, Alnwick.

These meetings give members the opportunity to meet one another and find out what is going on, and there is usually a guest speaker. Over the summer, meetings may be replaced by events/outings.

2021 NEW YEAR 2021 - ALL DATES ARE THURSDAYS - Normally 3rd Thursdays
21st January: AGM via ZOOM. Chaired by Kathy Platt. 2-4pm
18th February: WINTER QUIZ. Presented by Kathy Platt via ZOOM. 2-4pm
18th March: “Digging Up My Family” Presented by Colin Gough via ZOOM. 2-4pm
15th April: “Who Do You Think You Are?”Presented by Colin Platt via ZOOM. 2-4pm
20th May: “Manhandling The Prince Of Wales.” Presented by Ed Cartner via ZOOM. 2-4pm
17th June: “Flodden”. Presented by Bryn Owen via ZOOM. 2-4pm
15th July: “Pentimenti, Overpainting And That Sort Of Thing”. Presented by George Ellames via ZOOM. 2-4pm
16th September:“My Love Affair with North America”. Presented by Trevor Robinson
21st October:AGM and speaker Andy Griffin “When Alnwick u3a began: 2000 A.D.” 1:30-4pm
18th November: “Sheep’s Tales and Spinning Yarns”. Presented by Margaret Brown. 2-4pm.
16th December: Christmas Social, and “A Saggy Old Cloth Cat”: Presented by Sandra Kerr. 2-4pm
---- PROGRAMME FOR 2022 - ALL DATES ARE THURSDAYS - Normally 3rd Thursdays
20th January"Anglo-Saxon Bamburgh & St Aiden’s Congregation": Presented by Jessica Turner – 2-4pm
17th February "Walking Newcastle":Presented by Baroness Quin of Gateshead – 2-4pm
17th March "Canine Partners": Presented by Susan Fulton – 2-4pm
21st April "Ad Gefrin - whisky distillery in Wooler": Presented by Clare Byas – 2-4pm
19th May"The History of Ordnance Survey": Presented by Bill Bland – 2-4pm
16th June"Hadrian and his Wall": Presented by Andy Griffin – 2-4pm
21st July“Wilding Druridge”:Presented by Alex Lister from Northumberland Wildlife Trust - 2-4pm
28th July 1 Day Coach Outing to York - cancelled
11th Aug Morning Talk by Tim Maxwell at Felton Park about the Restoration of its Grade II listed Victorian Greenhouse (1 week earlier than usual) Now full. Followed by Northumberland Arms lunch (optional)
15th Sept“The North-East’s connection to Abolitionism and the American Civil War” - Presented by Prof. Brian Ward – 2-4pm
20th Oct “The Effects of Climate Change on Winter Birds” - Presented by Tom Cadwallender, Regional Representative of the BTO - Following the AGM
17th Nov “The Artwork and Symbolism of Gravestones” - Presented by Mark Hatton -– 2-4pm
15th Dec “The Life and Times of St Cuthbert” - Presented by Jessica Turner – Plus Xmas get-together – 2-4pm

See above for outings in July and August

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