Notes for facilitators

Interest Groups are the core of the u3a movement and one of the priorities of Wigtownshire u3a is to ensure we have a wide range of successful groups available for members. The success of these groups is the direct result of the enthusiasm and commitment of our Group Facilitators.


We are continuing with our lockdown following National Office and Scottish Government guidelines updated this week ending 15th January 2021.

We have lived with this situation for nearly a year now, but would urge you to try to keep in touch with one another via email, telephone and the various social media platforms, including Zoom. The Committee continues to meet via Zoom and you can view the minutes of previous meetings at Committee Minutes.

We have made a group licence facility for Zoom available free so that you can continue to meet virtually. We can help if you feel unfamiliar with this or there is online help on the national u3a website as well as the Zoom site itself.

You can see a whole range of useful ideas on the U3A web site - Keeping in Touch page and on the Wigtownshire U3A's Facebook group.
Moyra continues to send out a monthly email (posted to those members not online), so do let us know if your contact details change.

We will contact you again with any updates, and keep the website and Wigtownshire U3A Facebook page refreshed, but in the meantime, stay safe. Please feel free to get in touch with us to let us know how you're getting on or if you have any queries.

Lesley Miller, Business Secretary on behalf of Wigtownshire U3A Committee

Documents you may need

On this page you will find links to guidelines to help when setting up new groups and in running established groups and other guidelines and reporting forms that you may need.

Facilitators\' Handbook
Petty Cash Management
Petty Cash Return
Ground Rules for Discussion
Walking Safety
Walking Risk Assessment Form
List of venues available for meetings
Venue Checklist Form
Incident Report Form (p.1), (p.2), (p.3)
Disciplinary Procedure