West Midlands Region

Online Tools

This section aims to provide guidance in the use of the various online tools. It is a new section and as such content is under development.

The u3a Region does not intend to define product standards; however, it is not realistic to attempt to provide guidance on multiple products. e.g. Video Conferencing has many product options, Zoom, Google Duo, Skype, Meeting Place, Facebook etc. This section will, therefore, focus on one preferred product per topic. The chosen product will primarily reflect the current product popularity. Support materials for other products will be developed as the need arises. The u3a does not in any way endorse any products mentioned.

At this stage the following topics and products will be covered:

  • Video Conferencing------------Zoom
  • Group Messaging---------------Whatsapp
  • Social Media------------------Facebook
  • Email, inc Generic Email----- Gmail
  • Web Streaming-----------------TBA
  • Video Sharing ----------------YouTube
  • Running your AGM online guidance ( first draft)

All of the above products are free to use (though some have optional advanced feature versions that require payment), they are amongst the market leaders, and they are multi-platform in that they operate across PCs, Apple and Android products.

Please select one of the LINKS,(below or to the right), to access a combination of instruction material and YouTube videos for each product.

Please also note that numerous technology support documents can also be found on the Digitalunite site, just click the link

Support Network

A support network of volunteers from our membership is currently being set-up. The aim will be to provide members with a contact for each of the technologies. Further information will be provided as the network develops