West Midlands Region


To use additional online tools, you may need to create an email account. You may wish to separate the email you use for u3a, from your private email. If you are, for example, Chair of a u3a branch then your successor could take over the generic email account so that there is no confusion or loss of communication.
There are many free email services, all very similar. Here we focus on Google Mail, or gmail.

Create an account

To create an account follow the steps shown in the LINK document.

Using GMail

The document attached under LINK, gives a summary of the main Gmail features. As there are many excellent Youtube instruction videos that explain how to use gmail then we refer to those rather than explain here.

Generic Email

Here we describe how to create a generic email account, that you might use to separate your u3a email from your private email. It also explains how to auto-forward the generic email to your private email account.