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What is Zoom

Zoom is a free Video Conferencing product. It will operate on most devices i.e. IPhones, Ipads, PCs, Android devices. This guide will focus on the free version. There is an advanced version that can be purchased that gives additional features.

The free version has a few limitations, primarily:

  • the session will terminate after 45 minutes. This just requires that you relaunch the meeting.
  • participants are limited to 100, though this should not be a problem

Why Zoom

There are many Video Conferencing products, and they all offer very similar capabilities. The critical issue is that they are not interoperable, that is to say, all members of a conference must be on the same product. So, to be pragmatic we have started this guide with Zoom. Support material for other products may follow if needed


Unfortunately, support is complicated by the fact that Zoom runs on PCs, Ipad/Iphones and Android devices, so it can be a little tricky covering this in one set of guidelines. Generally, there will be a common method of use on the PCs, and once the Zoom application is installed then the use should be the same across the various Phone and Tablets.

Please select one of the LINKS on this page to access support documents covering:

  • Installing Zoom
  • Joining a meeting
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Other features
  • Utube links ( providing links to a number of selected UTube videos)