Cross Channel Connections

Our 2018 Study Morning, Cross Channel Connections, From Bayeux to Banksy, was a huge success!

139 members from Tenterden, Weald, Hawkhurst, Goudhurst, Cranbrook and Rye U3A gathered at the Sinden Theatre to hear two excellent speakers. Imogen Corrigan provided a fascinating and witty insight to the making and meaning of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Having been reminded of the cross channel connections of the Middle Ages, we were then brought up to date by Tom Evans who examined the movement of art across the Channel: Walter Sickert’s paintings of Dieppe; Lutyens and Jekyll’s creation, Les Bois des Moutiers in Normandy; the Cross Channel Photographic Mission which captured a decisive moment in our island history; and finally, Banksy’s take on Brexit.

Lindy Bates, Chairman