St Ives (Cambs)


April 2021

To access the talks below, the zoom codes and passwords will be sent to you in the week before the talk. The host will be a u3a Committee member as will the co-host, all attendees will be muted when the speaker is on line but you will be able to show appreciation of points or jokes by the thumbs up icon and you will be able to log comments in real time via the chat button. There will be 15 minutes or so allocated at the end of the 45 minute talk for a Q & A session.

Dates for your Diary
Thu May 13th Time: 1:30pm
Speaker: Graham Harrison
Subject: Poisons for Medicine - Victorian Pharmacists and Quack Doctors
Thu Jun 10th Time: 1:30pm
Speaker: Andy Thomas
Subject: The Crop Circle Mystery
Thu Jul 8th Time: 1:30pm
Speaker: Stuart Orme (Cromwell Museum)
Subject: TBA