Short Courses

In addition to our regular Interest Groups we run a number of Short Course. These courses are listed in the group list with the suffix (SC).

Short Courses differ from Interest Group in that they run for a fixed number of sessions. They can last anything from one day to a year and can be repeated on demand.

If you would like to join any of these courses contact the leader. All previously run courses can be repeated if there is sufficient interest.

CourseArchaeology: from Dig to Lab and Beyond
Status:Pending (Previously ran in Jun 2016)
Description:This course follows a FutureLearn programme sponsored by the University of Reading. It charts the progress of a month long dig in the Vale of Pewsey, a relatively untouched site compared to nearby Stonehenge and Avebury.
Duration:2 weeks
Start Date:TBC
End Date:TBC
Day/Time: TBC
Venue: Private House
Contact: Archaeology
CourseArchaeology: Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds
Status:Pending (previously run in May 2017)
Description:Learn how maritime archaeology investigates our changing relationship with the oceans and seas, from 2.5m years ago until today. This course will follow a FutureLearn programme sponsored by the University of Southampton.
Duration:4 months
Start Date:TBC
End Date:TBC
Venue:Private House
Description:This is a Short Course which will run in May and November 2019 over 4 weekly sessions. By which time each member should be able to work on his/her own and not need any more tuition. Pens and paper provided but you would find a clip-board and a folder for your work useful additions.
Duration:4 weeks
Start Date:May and November
End Date:May and November
Day/Time:Tuesday 2.00pm-4.00pm in May and Thursday 10.30am-12.30pm in November
Venue:Private House
CourseCouch to 5k
Status:Pending (last ran July 2018)
Description:This course aims to move from no or little exercise to being able to jog for 30 minutes or 5k in just 10 weeks. The sessions build each week starting slowly and always at the pace of the individual member. The course remains within the confines of a football club and so is very safe. The aim of the group is to improve fitness and have fun doing it!
Duration:10 weeks
Start Date:TBC
End Date:TBC
Day/Time:Wednesday 2.00 pm
Venue:Sleaford Town Football Club
Contact:Couch to 5k
Course Emotional Intelligence: our social Brain
Status Pending (last ran September 2018)
Description Ever wondered why we react the way we do? We are wired to connect. Come and find how and why at this afternoon short course.
Sessions 1
Duration 1 afternoon
Start Date TBC
End Date TBC
Venue: Private House
CourseHadrian’s Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier
Status:Pending (previously run in March 2018)
Description:Explore the archaeology of the most heavily fortified frontier in the Roman Empire, its people and their lives. It is a story that might surprise you. The story of our most enduring archaeological monument.
Duration:12 weeks
Start Date:TBC
End Date:TBC
Venue: Private House
CourseHomo Floresiensis Uncovered
Status:Pending (Last run January 2018)
Description:In this one day course, we will follow a dedicated team of scientists uncovering clues and answering questions about the newly discovered species Homo foresiecsis (the Hobbit). See how their findings are challenging assumptions about human evolution and exposing secrets hidden in time.
Duration:1 day
Start Date:TBC
End Date:TBC
Date/Time:10.00 am to 4. pm
Venue:Private house