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Talks Review


Unfortunately, from March all our Monthly Meetings were suspended.

From September a programme of monthly Zoom meetings will take place as detailed below.


A Summary Of Guest Speakers During 2020

Caroline Hawley

January 24th
January’s speaker was Caroline Hawley- a TV favourite on programmes such as Flog It and Bargain Hunt. Caroline entertained us greatly with her tales of antiques hits & misses as well as sharing some snippets from her TV career . A very engaging person who captured the audience’s interest. We had a record attendance of over 140 people for this meeting

Judy Anderson

February 28th
February's speaker, Judy Anderson, came to talk to us about Great Ormond Street Hospital. Although we all know of the hospital, I sensed that everyone was amazed to learn how much the hospital actually does in the way of research and ground breaking medical procedures. Judy's talk was entertaining, informative and instructive and was enjoyed by over 100 members. A collecting tin was provided, which was generously filled by members. Judy has promised to let me know how much was raised once she has counted it. I will obviously let members know via the newsletter.

*************ZOOM MEETINGS***************

Robert Mee

September 25th
Our speaker via Zoom in September was Robert Mee. Robert told us about the history of George Bradshaw, the famous railway time table man immortalised by Michael Portillo. Robert also took uson a railway tour of Lincolnshire in 1922 and included fascinating historical snippets about the places visited on the way. Our ultimate destination was Skegness, once owned by the Earl of Scarborough but bought by the local council after a local referendum. Robert's talk was informative, entertaining and gave us a delightful journey from the comfort of our own homes.

Fools Gold

October 30th
Our entertainers were Fools’ Gold a duo from near Durham. Carol & Rob thoroughly entertained us not only with acoustic music but the stories behind the songs. Did you know that Scarborough Fair was written in the1400’s and the story behind it was really fascinating and as someone said made sense of the song’s words at last!
“You are my sunshine” was adopted by Jimmie Davis as a campaign song when he stood for election in America. He told everyone that he had written it but he hadn’t.

Rob’s delivery was great; we had a lot of fun and communal singing was included- luckily for some we were all on mute so couldn’t hear each other

November 27th
Our speaker for November was Paul Scott, the chairman of the Sir Joseph Banks Society based in Horncastle.
I think a lot of us thought we knew about Joseph Banks- a celebrated plant collector and well known for his travels aboard the Endeavour with Captain Cook. He was the first person to introduce the Western world to acacia, mimosa, eucalyptus and Banksia, a genus named after him. About 80 other species of plants were also named after him.
What we didn’t know was all the other things that he had been involved with. At the age of 21, Banks inherited the estate of Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire from his father and became one of the top 15% of wealthy men in the UK. He developed an interest in roads, land drainage and canals . He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1766 and mixed with the most influential people of his time, Arkwright. Wedgewood, Watt & Boulton. Joseph was elected President of the Royal Society from 1777-1820 , thus becoming the chief scientific adviser to the King. He used his presidency to introduce common coinage throughout the UK as well as the Weights & Measures Act which has stood the test of time. A fascinating talk which we all enjoyed.

Paul Robbins

December 11th
Our speaker for December was Paul Robbins. Paul hails from Kent so Zoom provided us with an opportunity to hear a talk we would otherwise have missed. Paul shared tales of several British eccentrics, all really funny and we saw some great clips. Terry Wogan’s face when he tried to seriously interview Lord Clancarty who firmly believed in UFO’s and insisted that the earth was hollow so that aliens could live inside it was a sight to see!! As Paul said; if there was a World Cup for Eccentrics, Britain would be an easy winner. A great talk which provided a much needed laugh.


A Summary Of Guest Speakers During 2021

January 22nd
Our speaker for January was Mike Pickwell. Mike took us on a photographic journey through France on an Orchid Hunting trip he undertook in 2016. Absolutely stunning photographs of wild flowers and butterflies, magnificent scenery and idyllic French villages made it a wonderfully evocative trip. It truly exported us to a make- believe holiday- something we badly need in these times

stephen Wells

February 26th
Our speaker for February was Stephen Wells. He spoke about The history of Butlins Holiday camps

Stephen had worked as an Entertainment’s manager in Butlins and had several very funny stories to share with us.

He also took us through Billy Butlin’s life and we were able to reminisce about holiday camp holidays with their competitions like Glamorous Grandmother and Knobby Knees. They were the days!!!