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Research and Shared Learning Projects

The u3a offers opportunities for members to come together and take part in research and shared learning projects.

At one end these can range from individual members taking part in surveys or focus groups, members from one u3a working with other u3as and/or local organisations on a specific project, as well as wide-scale collaborations wide-scale collaborations involving u3as from a given area, across Scotland or the UK as whole working together on a specific project, sometimes in collaboration with an external organisation.

u3a members in Scotland are currently contributing the following UK-wide projects

Recently Completed Projects

1820 Rising

During 2019, members of Glasgow West-End, Paisley & District, Falkirk, and Perth U3As worked on a project researching the 1820 Rising. To find out more about this project including a performance podcast please visit 1820 Risings

1901 Postal Pensioners

Members from across Scotland were recently involved in the 1901 Postal Pensioners Projects along with u3a members in Northern Ireland and England. This was in collaboration with researchers from University College London, as part of a wider Addressing Health Project. Key findings from this including blogs written by u3a members can be found here

1901 Postal Pensioners Blogs

Further Information

If you would like further information or would like to discuss a potential project then please contact Research and Shared Learning Coordinator Please also let us know of local Shared Learning Projects - we would be happy to include details on the website.

Please also visit Research and Shared Learning Projects UK for more information on UK wide projects

Research Requests

If your u3a is contacted by a university or another organisation to take part in a research project then please consult with the Research and Shared Learning Coordinator for advice on what factors to consider when deciding to take part or not. Further information is also available on the u3a website

Please click on Research Requests for links to projects where the u3a has been approached to help.